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  1. Sorry Ondrej, but I don't have any idea on wire length, etc., relating to the install of my Bosch Motorsport ABS system. My old race shop did the install and they are out of business now. Perhaps @EldonZ may have some pertinent information that could help you as he has this setup on his CupR.
  2. Artificially brightened up the above video--first time using the new version of I-Movie, sorry. 🤪 https://youtu.be/WwfHPxv9jwk
  3. Yes, Arun is correct -- still having fun in my 2015 CupR, took delivery in October 2014....though I have made a few modifications 😉 However, a new track toy has joined the Lotus stable ..... excuse the poor lighting, combo of late day sun setting and some overcast cloud conditions made for a strange day.
  4. George, I bet Reverie would love to do a swan-mounted carbon wing for you and speed up the design process. Of course, I know you enjoy going the DIY route. Two examples, both for the S2 Exige: https://www.reverie.ltd.uk/lotus-eliseexige-s2-carbon-rear-wing-kit-310mm-chord-low-drag-with-swan-mounts/R01SB0533 https://www.reverie.ltd.uk/lotus-eliseexige-s2-carbon-rear-wing-kit-curved-225mm-chord-with-swan-mounts/R01SB0534
  5. @EldonZ -- Eldon, have you been storing your CupR under water? @GFWilliams -- George, please have them made 2" taller than stock, and I'll even buy a set.
  6. Jack

    Nissan GTR

    IMHO, you would never compare a GTR to the Exige.....totally different animals. Grand Touring car vs Sports car. The GTR is a fine touring vehicle. As for track duty, while you can take your GTR to the track and have some fun, my friends modified GTR (and he is a very good driver) gets routinely spanked by either my 211 or V6 Exige. And, when I say spanked, I mean the GTR is 6-8 seconds a lap slower, even on tracks with relatively long straights. Don't even ask about consumables.... what a nightmare.... he's constantly replacing tires, brake pads, rotors, etc.
  7. I find the AiM MXS1.2 data logger great for us tracksters/racers, especially when paired with a SmartyCam....maybe no so much for street cars that need OEM looking icons, etc.
  8. Don't think that's Nic's car. Curious about what year the CupR is...noticed that it had a front oil cooler on the left side vs what we have and the radiator cooling fan setup seemed different???
  9. airbag cover pops into place and is held in place by for 1-time usage clips.
  10. @MrD-- Yes Ohlin TTXs were standard on the CupR. Can't give you a firsthand assessment of Ohlin vs Nitron on my car, but IMHO, Ohlins are a far superior alternative, if cost is of no concern. Don't get wrong, I believe Nitron makes a good product. I've been running their 3-way on my 2-Eleven for years.
  11. Afew photos of mine when it was being built at Lotus Motorsports, when that division existed back in 2014.
  12. Got her cleaned up for a New Year's day run. Happy New Year!
  13. Maxi-- brake cage/pedal box gives you much more resolution (some might use the words better modulation) when using the brakes--with the booster, you basically have more of an ON/OFF switch. Yes, you would be faster (lap times) without the booster and better able to use the brakes to improve handling in certain situations, IMHO. It looks like the Komo-tec product is very good and probably more cost effective than going the Bosch motorsport ABS route, especially for the occasional tracker with a street car and manual trans with DPM . Back when I got mine almost 3 years ago, new Bosch MS ABS cost 10,000 US$ for hardware plus installation cost. I think there is a lower cost Bosch model ---ClubSport ABS??
  14. @geartox -- Nicolas, for track use, you are best served with the standard 1340cc engine. You can go much longer before refreshes than with the 1500. In fact, even though the factory may recommend 40 hours if using the 1340 for racing, we've seen them go more than 100 hours with no issues. Some people run them until they self-destruct (200-250 hours and maybe even more, if following good routine maintenance) and then look for a used 1340 engine out of a salvaged (wrecked) motorcycle with low miles. Also, if going used Radicals, post 2010 MY versions are better, as hardware improvements were made to the TCU and the use of Life ECUs improved shifting characteristics significantly -- 2013 should be good. You would also like to know about overall maintenance and # of hours on the car, as many components are "lifed-out" after a certain number of hours, like suspension uprights, wing supports, axles, etc. Radical provides a guide with recommendations on when various components should be inspected and replaced solely based upon hours of use. Here's a link to the Radical Owners Manual covering your possible 2013 SR3 purchase....page 17 covers Component Lifing.... https://radicalsportscarregistry.com/sr3-gen-2-2009-to-2014-owners-handbook/ The Radical will turn much better lap times than virtually any sports car even when driven at 70% of its potential....enjoy.
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