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  1. Hi, I believe SJ have been selling this unidentified alternative for a few years and no active member has bought them and everyone replaces with MSD 8224 ? I am hoping to get an alternative pair . About 3 years ago I bought 2 MSD8224 and one failed after about 2000 miles and out of guarantee. The MSD 8224 coil body has changed from round to square. If I buy one square will it fit in the same fixing points side by side with the round? I believe they have the same specification .If I get no information from members I will contact holley.com.There are many coils for the esprit S4 advertised on the internet with different names but the photos look identical and so does SJ ‘s .They are a lot cheaper.No member has bought them?
  2. No one has bought the coils from SJ sportscars !!
  3. Hi all, has anyone used a different replacement coil than the MSD 8224? Did it work well?
  4. Hi all, cannot find a listing of a suitable basic rear damper, do you know one that will go with the original type spring? Does anyone know the part number of the pro tech adjustable rear shock absorber for my 1993.5 S4. Does it go with the original type spring? Any other possibilities with part numbers ?Thanks for any help.
  5. Hi Filip, I realise it shouldn’t matter but I am trying anything.Last time I did the clutch ,with engine in car, I used my most basic alignment tool and I wiggled it straight in. That’s one of the reasons why I asked the question about movement at the end of the clutch shaft, but I realise it passing through a correctly aligned driven plate should make this irrelevant . I am on holiday for a few weeks , so I will try again when I get back with a solid ,accurately machined mandrel. More cost.Thanks again for your replies I will post a drawing of this mandrel.
  6. Thanks Filip, I need to turn the clutch shaft as I am having trouble aligning it and the bearing in the flywheel. I have tried moving the flywheel but would still not mate. I now have 2 different clutch alignment tools both of which visually seem to align the driven plate and the bearing centres.After 3 tries I have decided to get a solid mandrel made which has no play in it as the others had a little play.But as I have said it looked ok and I actually think the shaft was going through the driven plate but not into the bearing.
  7. Hi all, gearbox, in neutral ,out of car with cross shaft with no attachments .How do I put it in 4th gear?
  8. Hi all, should there be any play at the clutch end of the clutch shaft of an S4 /Renault UN1 026 gearbox, if so how much is ok and where does the play come from?
  9. Thanks Filip, I looked that up. I was wondering if they were all not twisted or just mine.How do I know it wouldn’t run better twisted, not a question ,as I am sure I wouldn’t notice the difference
  10. Hi all, pnm supply a slave cylinder and matching adapter for the red pipe. Have you bought it? Is the cylinder the aluminium type for the Land Rover and do you have any details of the adapter.Thanks for any help
  11. Hi all, is anyone using the above coils (on an S4).Do they work well and do you know the voltage spark output? Thanks for any help
  12. Hi all , what adapter do you need for the Land Rover slave cylinder 266694 to the original red plastic clutch fluid pipe and should I use the original 100mm or the 125mm rod I have? I have had very little trouble from the red pipe except at very hot days getting reverse so have no intention of changing it
  13. Hi all, the wires YR and PG from the flywheel sensor to the direct ignition module don’t seem to be a twisted pair as in section ML sheet 3. Comments please.
  14. Hi all, will leaving off the R12 ac pump throw a check engine light and does anyone know the size and thread of the end caps required for the 2 ac hoses.Thanks for any help
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