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  1. Thanks for following up with the solution!
  2. Would grease be a longer term solution? I always fear that WD40 is too thin to remain where sprayed. It is useful to free stuff off, of course.
  3. Monkeyfleabagface (or similar) is his eBay handle. I've not had any dealings with him so can't comment.
  4. Are these not the renderings from the files? Genuine question-I have no idea...
  5. I suspect it took some chargeable time to draw those up, so giving them away isn't an attractive idea. I expect they could be bought, but I'd suggest that was done in person-I can't see either party willing to part with the money/files without certainty in getting the files/money.
  6. Just jumping in to say I have a new AC compressor if anyone's after one (UK)
  7. I think the issue here is you, Mike, always use the same belt so its length/mass/span etc is irrelevant- its always the same so you already know you need a frequency of X to result in your chosen tension Y. Anthony is using a machine that can use all sorts of different sized belts, and his belt may not be the same as yours, so he needs to calculate what frequency he needs to get the tension he is after-and that seems to depend on various measurements of the belt including mass and width. If he's using the identical belts to you, he can use the identical frequency range. I could be wrong of course!
  8. Are those LEDs dimmable? If so, they PROBABLY get very hot, and do not reduce power consumption much if at all. I tested three types of bulbs. The canbus compliant ones run just as hot and take just as much power as incandescent ones.
  9. hehe. The link is now totally dead to me! Shows up an error. This is my work PC, so is cleaner than the inside of a bottle of bleach. It must be because it redirects via this site. #Eep!
  10. Off-topic, Jon, but is your website supposed to redirect to an asian dating site?
  11. > It is a US Spec 1998 Black w/Tan inferior V8 Esprit Nothing inferior about the V8! I think it is the front right sensor for the speedo, not rear right. Hope the other issues are fixed-the V8 does NOT like poor batteries!
  12. I once bought a motorbike without viewing it in the flesh. I used an Escrow company and asked for a specific picture of the bike, the seller, and a piece of paper with words written on it that I dictated, along with the sellers driving licence to show his name and address. This is the minimum I would think to be safe! I hope you are in touch with the police as well as your bank. The bank may be able to reverse the payment if it falls under one of their scam protocols. If its a scam you can bet the car isn't located there. It can all be done from pictures downloaded form the net and with the person in another country. The best link is if the money was paid into a bank, as they have security set up to ensure people are who they say they are.
  13. >This does require draining of the oil to facilitate a really good clean of the roll pin holes. Otherwise more oil would just run down the splines What is the oil level in the gearbox? Can you just park on a slope instead?
  14. The estimates make me laugh. They show low amounts so you think "Ooh, I could buy those skis" to whip up interest. then the final price is way above the estimate.
  15. I doubt it would throw a code. If you need a new pump, I have one that should fit. It is new, I bought it then bought a car with a new one installed (long story!) Cost me £250, will take £150+post
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