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    Jaguar XKR Convertible, all now gone: '74 Europa Special, '82 Esprit S3, '85 Esprit S3, '89 Esprit Turbo, '95 Esprit S4s
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  1. Electric car chargers out of action as thieves cut cables
  2. Car makers slash EV prices by as much as £14,000 to boost demand
  3. A Lustreen Green driving machine
  4. Have you thought of contacting a meduim? 😅 The DVLA show it passed its last MOT on the 1 June 2015 with a Mileage of 47,697 miles. Good luck with your search.
  5. Plenty on carandclssic.com, expecially this beauty which has been on there for months so you'd probably get it for a few grand less 😃
  6. Alpine reveals hydrogen-combustion sports car with 335bhp
  7. The new Caterham Seven 485 Final Edition is the last naturally-aspirated Seven for Europe
  8. Thanks to Caterham, it's still astonishing today
  9. Today's Times report: One in ten electric cars are being sold for a discount of 20 per cent — and carmakers are so desperate that they are about to start offering free chargers worth £1,000 too. A Honda that cost £37,052 a year ago is selling for £29,656, a reduction of 20 per cent, according to the marketplace Auto Trader. Manufacturers are under pressure because rules that came into force in January mean they will be fined if 22 per cent of their car sales this year are not electric. The penalty is £15,000 per vehicle, although they can soften the impact by buying credits from rivals such as Tesla or if they exceed the quota in future years.
  10. Major expansion of Lotus site in Hethel set for approval
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