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Turbo SE radiator draining hole (1990)


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Can someone send me a picture of the access hole in the fiberglass for the drain plug , the view from under the esprit.

I want to drain the radiator for the engine removal, but can not reach the plug.

I want to cut an access hole in the fiberglass for the plug



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Don’t bother - loosen the bottom hose jubilee clip and pull that off - it’ll drain a whole lot faster that way

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You shouldn't need to cut an access hole, you can reach the drain plug horizontally (just). IIRC it's a 10mm hex, a 1/4" extension will get you there. Take care not to lose is, the water pressure can push it out of the socket and to somewhere under the radiator.

I found it easier to use than disconnecting the hose, as those can be a tight fit. And less risk of leaks when putting it back.

Either way, the coolant will make a mess and spill everywhere, unless you have a big tray.


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On the 1990 SE model, you can undo the hose from the underside of the engine bay swirl tank. (the large round cylinder one). 

By undoing a few clips securing this  hose you can guide it down to a suitable bowl or receptacle under the Esprit.  Initial water loss is slight and once in position you can undo the air bleed on the radiator and the system will drain effectively with very little mess at a nice pace..  

If you are intending removing the engine then all the hoses will need disconnecting anyway so the choice is yours.. I just hate masses of coolant on the floor so use this method.   I find radiator the drain plug messy as the coolant tends to track along the rad housing tray and end up dribbling everywhere..  

Hope that helps..  

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