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1990 SE battery type


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Which do you mean best brand / range of battery (such as Bosch S5) , or, best battery form (layout of poles, physical size etc such as 027 type)?

If it's brand then it's going to depend on how you use the car as left standing and going completely flat can really make it difficult to charge a battery so it drives a short-term and throw it approach, whereas keeping the car used means it's worthwhile getting a battery that will last many years if maintained.

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Thanks Andy,

Not wanting to get to technical just wondering as it’s difficult to get a type 088 battery as listed in the parts manual, I have been using a type 100 battery which has performed ok but needs replacing every 4 years or so, really just asking what type are people using. I don’t use the car every day but most weekends it gets a drive, and charge is maintained in the winter via trickle charging.



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I think my last one was a Bosch S4, and probably a 100. I tend to look at the price of those known brands such as Bosh and assume that a battery guaranteed for 3 years will last only 3 years, similar for 4 year, then go with whatever works out cheapest per year of guarantee. That way anything over and above is a bonus. 

Lasting c 4 years is reasonable on a battery, unless it's one of the very expensive ones that's guaranteed for 5 years. Our cars don't really ask a lot of a battery, we don't have lots of current draw in the way of electrically powered driver conveniences, and even the starting isn't exactly a big load (compared to if we had big engines in these).

Type 100 vs type 88, pretty much the 88 is taller and the 100 makes up for it in length. Not really a problem given the battery is hidden away and has a bit of space above it.

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Just get the biggest size with a good price/quality that fits (and has the poles in the right position). 4 years isn't much, but not uncommon in a car that's not used regularly. Cheap tricklechargers can also shorten battery life when left connected for long periods. I have a Varta in my Esprit, purely because we have an old Varta in our forklift that seems indestructable, but would use any budget brand if it needs replacing. There is something to be said for a cheap one that you just replace if there's any doubt, as Andy said. Expensive ones may be higher quality, but can still die prematurely if drained.



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Varta and Bosch silver would be my suggestions. 7 -10 years of light use. Never had a glitch. And my c-tek did not destroy them.

Kind regards,


Nobody does it better - than Lotus ;)

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