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Alternator wiring snafu


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I have replaced the Bosch k-jetronic in my 1988 turbo with a ME221 ECU. The car runs good but I have caused myself some grief with the alternator. In my haste to remove unused wiring to neaten up the install I have inadvertently removed the brown/yellow wire to the alternator. Now I can't seem to work out how it plugs back into the loom. The ignition light is off on the dash and the alternator is not charging the battery.PXL_20230920_225624781.jpg.1ea274c33d26ef8acfc895a6615de23c.jpg

According to the wiring diagramPXL_20230921_141635576_MP.jpg.203beebaf4bb2f8cec43e204aa4a9d07.jpg I would expect to see a brown/yellow wire from the loom coming into the engine bay via one of these plugs.PXL_20230920_125214220.jpg.9cb6c4d6135e840dd62a66a8bb2f6f7f.jpg However, I do not see such a wire, I do have the wire from the alternator to what I believe went into the round black plug under the coolant tank, (my memory is a bit fuzzy so on this). I haven't wrapped the new loom yet as I wanted to confirm I had all the wring correct before doing so.PXL_20230920_225536792.jpg.9b1ecf647a379962d577509fb12bea82.jpg

Does anyone see what I'm missing here? I've tried jumping the wire from the alternator to each pin in the plugs and still no light. Am I looking in the wrong location for the alternator wire to the ignition light?

I'm very close to getting this car back on the road after five years of it languishing in various garages!



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If you ground that Brown/Yellow and turn on the key will the dash alternator light illuminate? At least then you know you have the right wire and continuity through the BHC & RHC.

The bulb must be good also- (don't try an LED for that socket)

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Hi, thanks for the input. 

I do not use either of the plugs shown in the picture anymore. The dash bulb is good, I just took the dash apart to check. The problem I'm having is finding the brown/yellow wire from the back of the bulb that goes to the engine bay, I see it come out the back of the bulb but it doesn't go to either of the plugs I show in the picture, or anywhere else in the engine bay that I can find.

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