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    85 Turbo Esprit, GR Corolla, Blackbird
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    Megasquirt MS3X EFI, JE Pistons, Kemp rods, EFR 6258 twinscroll turbo on Alunox manifold, Integrated charge cooler manifold, Quaiffe LSD, HiSpec brakes, 2.5" SS exhaust
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    Priest Lake Idaho

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Community Answers

  1. If you see red, is it likely your blood sugar is too high, and your dentist looks forward to your next appointment? -says the cider drinker-
  2. Rear shot looks a bit like a catamaran
  3. Previous trim title that upsets our part searches in the USA: https://www.firebirdtransamparts.com/redsky/esprit.htm
  4. With the cost differential from Stevens to G-car, one might consider switching to an newer internal wastegate turbo on the Stevens manifold. Not the big boost/power solution, but the plumbing is simpler and 760GBP would go aways toward a modern turbo if you were thinking along those lines.
  5. I had assumed the forward placement was due to me using a Stevens manifold on a G-car. Evidently not. Something to bear in mind when purchasing or fabricating your exhaust though.
  6. "BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry, it’s due to rights issues." Bugger
  7. My lazy-ass neighbor slept the whole winter away, seems to have just woken up for 4/20 as this is the first time I've seen him this year.
  8. On my 85 turbo the boot floor section just unbolts, it may have had some sealant or foam tape at the lap joint, but just some M6 screws around the edge. Of course from there it goes all Lotus in that the wiring harness to the "box of mystery" does not have a connector to separate it from the car, so you just move it out of the way of what you're under there for.
  9. If the rocker is bad, some forum sleuthing will turn up links to a printed replacement.
  10. I don't know if the UK shares the US models switch, but if so those are noted for a little plastic rocker in the hazard switch that ages out and breaks. Not hard to disassemble with due care to old brittle plastic. Also most of the switches have copper contacts prone to corrosion.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to post over here!
  12. Wow, very nice. I was also thinking of a deeper pump housing, and dropping the PRV makes it look much simpler for those of us without distributers or charge cooler pumps. If you happen upon a deeper rotor/annulus set that fits the aux shaft let us all know. Is there a build thread for this project somewhere?
  13. It was cheaper than the Ferrari, although in hindsight I should of taken both.
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