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  1. Just had a closer look at Dallara Stradale for sale. The 2019 launch price was £143,000 and deemed a little steep by the media for a Ford four pot. I then look at used cars for sale in mainland Europe and they’re £200,000 - £350,000. What am I missing?
  2. I went to all of the Wembley games at Euro 96. “30 years of hurt”, we all sang. Here we are yet another 28 years later. Still nothing…
  3. Only anecdotal to where I live (East Northants), but households here have so far received separate letters from both Kier Starmer and shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves, as well as a flyer from the local Labour candidate. Nothing at all from any other Party or candidate. This is the former safe Conservative constituency that they recently lost to Labour in a by-election after nasty MP Peter Bone was ousted and put up his girlfriend in vain to replace him. She has already been replaced as the Tory candidate this time round. If the Conservatives aren’t even putting any effort into winning a previously safe seat, they must have conceded defeat already.
  4. In my experience it’s a proven fact that any software update on any tech device will make it worse. They just need to leave things alone.
  5. I have been planning a business trip in Scotland in a month’s time. My God the hotels are expensive up there! Even boggo Premier Inns are well into the £100s per night. Those in Edinburgh well over £200! Those same Premier Inns where I live in England are about £70-£90. Looking at independent hotels, it’s the same story. I’m glad it’s not my money I am spending.
  6. Haha. Quoting Brexit. Lies, damn lies and statistics. From the same source. Eurozone 3.4% growth since pre-pandemic level, UK 1.7%. We are dragging behind.
  7. Blimey, UK economy grinds to a halt because it rained.
  8. Last week Government ministers were boasting that our economic growth was as high as any of the G7 countries. Today we find out from the ONS that there actually isn’t any growth at all.
  9. Housing shortage is a complete myth in my opinion. Just an excuse for developers to build on farmland. How many people do you honestly see living on the streets because they haven’t got a home? Just the same ones you will see if they build a million more houses.
  10. Another classic BBC News interview this morning. Apparently ex-pats are now allowed to vote. They spoke to some enjoying retirement in Spain. One lady said she was happy to be able to vote, so that she could consider the future of the NHS, because “I might want to go home one day. Healthcare can be very expensive.” So she’s happy to live a comfortable life in Spain, but when she gets ill, she will come home and become the UK tax payers’ responsibility. Nice.
  11. That £1000 per month is what they’re already paying as rent. It’s the other £2000 net per month they earn that they need to look at. What are they doing with it?
  12. Media focusing on high house prices etc today. BBC 10 o’clock News interviewed a couple in their low 40s. I don’t think they had kids. They earn £30k each, so £60k in total. Paying £1000 per month rent + £100 per week food shopping, so total essential living outgoings of £17,200 per year. Even after tax and NI, that leaves about £25k per year for other purchases. How can they claim that they are unable to save up for the deposit on a house? What are they spending it all on? Rather than moaning, they should get that deposit down, buy a house and put that £1000 per month rent towards their mortgage.
  13. Just stuck some V-Power in mine at £1.669 per litre. Just a local garage. I try not to look at the price! Also bought recently from Waitrose Shell at £1.679 per litre.
  14. That Logan Sargeant can’t seem to drive an F1 car. He must cost Williams a fortune in repair bills each weekend.
  15. Actually this relates to last Saturday. My kids go to the local comprehensive school. One of them is currently taking his GCSEs. He is studying History amongst other subjects. He has two teachers and both of them have taken off Saturday mornings together to hold video revision sessions with all of the pupils on two recent occasions. These are full 3 to 4 hour events and presumably took much longer than that to prepare. I have to take my hat off to them both for their dedication and effort. On a side note, it makes me feel really old, because some of the “History” he has been learning was actually my “Present”! Cold War, East Germany etc.
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