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  1. Elephant: " Why am I so big and you so tiny ??? " Mouse: " Well I've been ill haven't I ?? " Duck 1: " Quack ! " Duck 2: " I was going to say that !! " and lastly, so ghastly . . . . How do you stop a dog humping your leg ? Pick it up and suck its . . . . . With apologies to the delicate.
  2. Just heard the following: Hunters "A" and "B" have gone out in search of quarry, hunter A takes a nasty fall and is out cold, looking very poorly. Hunter B scrambles to the scene and, seeing his chum's state, calls emergency services with conversation as follows: Emerg: "Emergency Services, what is the nature of your emergency? HB: " Out hunting with my mate who's taken a bad fall, I think he may be dead." Emerg: " You think he may be dead? Please make sure of that. " " BANG " HB: " He's dead. What do I do next? "
  3. Roman that's just too inaccurate a means of dealing with engine internals.
  4. drdoom

    Formula One

    Qualy outcome suggests otherwise, I'm pleased to say. 2/3 of the season remains in play so we may yet have reason to watch.
  5. Do you know how a piston is properly measured? There is a target area on the skirt from which correct measurement is taken. Gap between cylinder and top of piston is not specified.
  6. Cyprus would appear to be the exception in this, as inflation is notably high in much of the world. Perhaps Russian oligarchs have a foot on the scales somehow? I ponder over geopolitics routinely these days as the conflict with Russia is surely broader than Ukraine alone. The Houthi arseholes acting in proxy for Iran have meaningfully disrupted worldwide shipping, quite to the satisfaction of Russia I'm confident to say. What's the state of affairs in China's economy?
  7. The harness sections are packed up in storage after several tasks better done now than later delayed the journey a bit. Still a fair measure of tidying to be done before stage is set for body and mechanicals. One task thought timely at this point was to assemble the complete control pod since returned by the trimmer chap. I rather fussed with this over a long arc of time, given the thing was somewhat misshapen, perhaps by cabin heat over time, and the window switches were disagreeably loose in situ. By this point it's been re-shaped with heat, reinforced with aluminium and fitted with a toggle concealed by the choke lever. The choke lever was a bit tatty by this point so now hangs drying in the breeze after disassembly for one final touch-up. Cheers
  8. drdoom

    Formula One

    If this persists I may relent and again watch the coverage, by now something pointless in a pre-determined championship. For Imola I had the missus reveal whether MV had won before wasting time watching. If Maclaren have come through with a genuine competitor then I'll be back on the bandwagon, with high regard already for both Norris and Piastri. Cheers
  9. Very nicely driven and, yes, that's a lovely circuit! The mirror view of trailing cars aft is captured very well in the clip, cinema grade stuff. Cheers
  10. Just a bit off topic but thought I'd share a point concerning ethanol as climate panacea. We regularly watch the HBO program, Last Week Tonight, with John Oliver for comic but pointed insights into the broadest of topics. There, in a piece covering the impacts of massive scale corn crop cultivation in America it was noted that the overall carbon footprint of ethanol thereby derived is 24% higher than that of petrol.
  11. As Roland remarks there are 4 screws by which the header rail is attached to the batten in S2 with the integral clock housing. The rail should be trimmed with fabric glued on, thereby simplifying its installation. I chose to bond the batten to roof rather than have screws pierce the shell. On assembly sequence I've just lately been going through the first steps of the process, determining the following order: 1 - Wiper unit 2 - Cowl plenum and drain 3 - Pedal box assembly 4 - HVAC lump, loosely as the A/C kit is bulky 5 - Scuttle beam, which in my case requires a bit of light argy bargy of the HVAC. No quarrels with any points made above, and I suppose it best to place any sound dampening in footwells and floor as the first step in any case, carpet perhaps right after. I'd place the dash loom section following placement of the scuttle beam, before the lower dash install.
  12. Sunday confession again, despite terminal apostasy. Spending time readying bits for packing off into storage, casting about in other threads for thoughts on my wiper drive noise, while today checking the HVAC unit readiness and finding it not quite there. I've adapted a '90's era Honda spec water control valve, among other things, to a later casing/controls unit from a wrecked '95 and it's been a series of in/out exercises for the HVAC, scuttle beam, binnacle and control lever unit getting the heater and vent controls sorted. So it's a blessing that the trimmer did not pivot around quickly for the instruments binnacle, less aggrieved that I'm grappling with the untrimmed GRP. Cheers
  13. What very limited miles I've covered in Esprit notwithstanding, the gear change is recalled most favourably. P911 by comparison feel just like waving a stick around in a tub of rubber, the Stevens cars somewhere nearer the GG cars though not as good. I chose to opt for SJ's crossgate cable upgrade, confident I'll be amply pleased when that combines with all new bushes in the fore-aft linkage. Cheers
  14. Shout out to @JonSE for this comprehensive chronicle, as it's a treasure trove of details on S2 bits and their assembly. Fortifies my own resolve! 👏
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