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  1. Sorry to have missed you all. See you in the new year. merry Christmas and a happy new year. w & m. X
  2. It was a good choice of venue. Extremely friendly staff and the company was up to the usual high standard. I might come back again.
  3. That’s just the best news Dave. Really pleased for you and the family. When you get the time I would love to see a photo of the precious gem. Hugs from Me and Shelly. X
  4. Hey Chris, Wondered where you were…🙂 Me only I think. Schumacher has got the flu. 🤢
  5. Do we reply here….😂 do they serve spare ribs?
  6. We were glad to see you on the mend Pete. See you and Sue at the next meeting I hope. X
  7. The rumours are true. I tried to talk him down but the determination to press the self destruct button is very high in older gentleman. I suppose all we can do is be there for him when the first total stranger throws the “ wanker “ sign out the window at him for no reason other than his car choice. sad day @Sparky very sad day ….. 🤣 I have to give it one last shot at redemption. I’m sure he’s not passed the point of salvation but it’s getting close. I’m going to show him more pictures of the Emira and see if the reversion therapy works @BibsWish me luck… 😇
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