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  1. I ll keep an eye out for your guys. What time does it end? Is it at East Carleton?
  2. So now my main beam and dipped where looking better it made the little Lucas side lights look like rubbish 1970s torches. I know they are only side lights but just so very dim. Last night I bought a pair of LED C5W bulbs from Halfords for £19. I hummed and hared for a good while but took the plunge. Easy to install and the difference is crazy. I know they might not be strictly legal but being so low I dont think they are that powerful to dazzle anyone. Guess which is which? With both installed they both are much more in keeping with the main beam and dipped.
  3. ^^^Aint right in the heads all I can say. I watched Guy Martin Closer to the edge but I can hardly watch those bikers its just too much!
  4. My feelings this time round...
  5. I was chatting to a guy who runs drilling rigs and he told me the issue was hydrogen fuel cells have to be made of 40mm thick steel to withstand the 3000psi pressure. From the above link to the Alpenglow Hy4 my friend was wrong. They are talking 700 bar which is 10,000psi!! Hydrogen can weaken steel so the danger of these high pressure fuel cells seems immense! I then saw the vid below which just goes to show how good petrol is as a fuel.
  6. Yea sounds like she was commuting to me. Driving home after work. Commuting to me.
  7. Exactly! Some other heads it doesnt matter. Old push rod engine and the like.
  8. The face the cam tower sit on and the face of the head were machined parallel to each other. If you take the head off and measure it for flatness it might be slightly bent. Once all bolted down any bend should straighten out which will be reflected on the cam tower side. In my experience people often ask me to skim heads as they are not flat. I could machine so it becomes flat but the cam tower side the other side will them not be flat...unless you skim that at the same settings. People just seem to get the head skimmed as thats what you do when you have the head off. Unless its damaged I would leave well alone. 2 thou is nothing and will match the block once tightened down.
  9. Being ally they will pull down perfectly flat. If you machine to remove the 2 thou dip when they are clamped the cams with be 2 thou out making them tight.
  10. @Kimbers The DNR notices illegally filled out for patients without their consent during the plandemic is the next big one waiting in the wings. You mark my words...60 years from now it will all come out in the open
  11. Dont see much of Noel Tidy beard these days. I wonder what hes upto? Anyways I saw this.
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