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  1. Having had more correspondence with the trimmer he has said that he could make an elasticated sock to fit over the binnacle. He mentioned that he could make the sock from Alcantara but I would have thought any anti glare material would suffice. So this could be another viable option. IIRC I read a forum thread from years ago about another member toying with the same idea but I don’t recall any follow up.
  2. Never a truer word said in jest!
  3. Clarity post. Only the carpet was not glued in place with the CT1! carpet was bonded with a high temp contact adhesive. just thought I should clear that up.
  4. So that’s what a hens tooth looks like! Beautiful car.
  5. What on earth have you been doing? Or should I not ask…
  6. Just 1. I will happily pay for it plus p&p if you find one Ian @Chillidoggy 👍
  7. Very sad. Condolences to you and your family.
  8. 12mm or half inch. Have you a supplier @Chillidoggy?
  9. Hose glued back into place and carpet glued back over the top (not with CT1). Job done. Thanks for the reply’s 👍
  10. Thanks @CarBuff that is exactly the kind of clip I was looking for. Bit of a shame they don’t do a twin hose one. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a UK supplier of that kind of clip 🤷‍♂️ Thanks @jonwat, I trawled their website but couldn’t find anything suitable. I wish to keep the OEM look if possible. EDIT: they are not a twin hose clip. Two separate clips on one mounting screw.
  11. I typed the part number into the search function on the SJ website and it came back with no longer available please contact for possible alternative. I’m not sure about p clips as it might not allow enough movement when I need to change the air filter.
  12. Purely cosmetic but I’d like to replace one of the coolant hose clips situated on top of the air filter cover part# A075W6257F. It appears to be no longer available, has anyone found anything close?
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