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  1. Main dealer told me my Peugeot tyres needed replacing offered to do it at £100 a corner. Looked up the price and they were £20 ish each from Blackcircles. I had a Premium brand on the car (Goodyear) at the time and asked him why were they not offering to change for another premium brand, or even Michelin which was what the car was specified with - he didn't really understand my point. They got a 4 on the customer survey and I was called by the Dealer Principal on that one. Another time, same customer agent, I fell for the water in the brake fluid, so had it changed for around £40. Car had to go back in 3 months later for more work. Was advised I had water in the brake fluid. That was another 4 from me. Citroen/Peugeot called me this time. I like Peugeot/Citroen cars, but would never deal with that main dealer again.
  2. ChrisJ


    Story behind the above - if you don't know it. (without the censoring
  3. ChrisJ


    Some companies regard PPF as a modification and try to wriggle out if not declared - even if put on by a PO and you didn't know.
  4. @andydclements - was trying to explain those to my 16 year old son just last week.
  5. ChrisJ


    Air Tanzania. Had an incident with them many many years ago, Left hand engine ingested a marabou stork on take off - huge explosion - I was looking at it. Did manage to abort the take off with much braking and bursting of tyres. The take off in any aircraft after that was the bit of the flight I didn't like for many years.
  6. so what "should" happen in a situation like this ^^^^ and what normally occurs?
  7. I think it has been sped up a little - comments are quite amusing.
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