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  1. A total bargain. If I was in buying mode, it would already be with me as I remember when it popped up last year. Sadly, I can't give it the home it deserves at the moment. Justin
  2. Great post Steve and welcome. Pictures please, cars ideally not you 🙂 Justin
  3. Good publicity for the always brilliant Elise but not a colour scheme I warm too. It looked odd at the time and still does. Justin
  4. 22% of production for cars in 2024. 10% for vans. Even before ZEV was announced, the ban being brought forward from 2040 to 2030 (changed to 2035 subsequently), forced manufactures down the EV route as it was the only technology remotely ready to be rolled out to mass production. Justin
  5. Electric was the (newer) technology most advanced when governments announced a ban on ICE. By banning hybrid and allowing massive tax subsidies on EV, plus rolling out more charging points and the short timeframe for the ban, government have in essence forced EV as the solution to tailpipe emissions. The hybrid ban was short sighted, they should have allowed a gradual and phased lowering of ICE assisted power. This would give time to formulate a better solution than pure EV. They should also tax cars on width and weight, to encourage innovation and to halt the endless growth in the mass of vehicles. Justin
  6. RAC Club Dinner 2024 with Sir Ron Dennis and David Richards CBE. Utterly brilliant night with some interesting stories: Apple (as in computers) were on the verge of buying McLaren. David Richards ripped up a letter he found from Ron (then of Project Four not McLaren) to Rothmans asking for money to buy McLaren, circa 1980, as David wanted the sponsorship. McLaren F1, 300 were supposed to be built (106 was the final tally but only 64 road cars). Ron owned 3 at one point, they couldn't sell them. Owners insisted on racing them, not McLaren and that brought in much needed cash. Justin
  7. Plenty of good body shops around your area I am sure. They must understand fibreglass and personally I think it's worth travelling.....but plenty on here can point you in the right direction. Do it once, do it properly.
  8. Probably osmosis. If so, that is moisture within the fibreglass/gel coat and to fix properly you'd have to repair the moisture problem (by renewing the gel coat) as just removing the paint and respraying will probably lead to a similar issue in the future. Steve Williams in Maidenhead will be able to give a professional opinion. Justin
  9. I'd love to drive a GTE. I enquired about the black and gold one for sale a few years ago (No8?) but it wasn't the right time for me in the end, with regret. I would think a LHD auto in UK a very tough sell at £90k. It's rare but tiny market and even at £70k I would think it would still struggle. Hopefully it sells soon. Justin
  10. jep

    Then and Now

    NA Evora a special car. Welcome and you have a lot of happy miles ahead. Justin
  11. They want all Lotus to be current⚡ cars.
  12. Martin Buckley of Classic and Sportscar fame has bought a wedge Elite and is writing about the restoration in the magazine. Old news as he bought in Dec 2022 but I hadn't picked up on this. His first Lotus. Justin
  13. I'll donate my refund to the Ukraine appeal. Thanks Bibs.
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