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  1. Awesome news. How did you confirm it was the capacitor? Apart from replacing it and it started working again!
  2. Just follow the smoke! Drive went well and I can highly recommend that pump if you want an alternative to the SU.
  3. Cool cool. I'm going to take mine for the first drive tomorrow with this pump to get some more petrol but idling it runs great!
  4. Just a thought on this one. Won't the pressure be slightly high at 3-5psi? I guess as long as it regulates to 3 all the time it should be ok but isn't that right at the top of tolerance? Or am I talking rubbish as per usual?!
  5. I've just replaced my fuel pump on my Éclat but also want to replace the length of hard plastic housing from fuel tank to pump with some nice new R9 line. So I'll need to retrieve the banjo but am not sure if the size. Does anyone know what size banjo I would need to go onto the banjo bolt into the tank. The outlet would need to be an 8mm hose fitting so I can connect the new rubber hose to it. Many thanks in advance.
  6. I've just replaced mine with this and it looks to be working great (although I need a new banjo for the tank for my new fuel line).
  7. I can second that. Relay the fans up for more efficiency and safety. I nearly had a fire start in mine on a hot day caused by fan wiring. Fortunately the wiring fried itself and nothing else.
  8. Sorry it's been over 7 months since I posted. Life with a toddler has just taken over and I've hardly had chance to do anything else The car got it's brake servo rebuilt in the autumn after the diaphragm inside failed and left me with very unpredictable braking . Not goof but all replaced now. Recently though the car has had issues starting. After the car has been left for a while I'm no longer hearing the ticking of the fuel pump when I turn on the ignition. Thought it might be the points in the pump so I gave it a few taps but nothing. Then after a good few minutes if turning it over it fired into life. It then runs fine and when the engine is warm will restart without an issue. Seems like the longer I leave it the more difficult it is to get it going. I need to do some more testing on the fuel pump but may be needing a replacement I think. If I need to replace it would be a good opportunity for me to fix the broken bolt from the top pump mounting bracket too. Looks like it'll have to be drilled out which will be fun!
  9. Much obliged. It might be 1/2" UNF but I want to be sure before I start with a tap!
  10. Does anyone know what the thread pitch is for the brake light switch on an Elite/Eclat? The old switch that came off broke when it went back in and the new Lucas replacement got tight very quickly. Stupidly I kept turning it and it promptly exploded 🙁 Wondering if the thread in the pedal box mounting has been warped in some way, but how a plastic brake light switch could do that I don't know. Many thanks in advance.
  11. Most definitely the servo. Took the vacuum line off it and had a short drive. Brake pedal felt fine, just with no power in it (I'd forgotten what non-servo assisted braking was like!). Think I can get hold of a good used one so will go down that route and buy a seal kit for it for good measure. It doesn't replace much but if it's going back in the car and is used, I want to do a few things to it to refurbish it.
  12. Will give that a try this weekend. Master cylinder only a few years old but that's not to say it can't be a seal there. Should be an easy thing to test, as you say. Will try and take a look. The puff of air was audible in the car under braking with the engine on, so could very well be escaping that way.
  13. Never a dull moment with the Eclat! Driving home this afternoon and step on the brakes at a junction. Pedal gives me a bit of extra initial resistance at first. I push a little harder and hear a "poof" of air and the pedal drops to about halfway as the brake comes on a little more strongly quickly (that's a really bad explanation - what I mean is when the pedal drops with my foot pressure, the braking is not inline with pedal pressure. Then for the rest of the travel it feels normal again. Let the pedal out and do it again, same result. If I used very gentle pressure on the brake pedal pushing it down I could almost avoid the change in braking performance but could still lightly hear the poof of air. Made it home and changed the hose going from inlet manifold to brake servo and it had no effect. I'm thinking I'm going to need a replacement servo or someone rebuilding it - don't think there's anything else it can be, is there?
  14. Would be interested in knowing the price. That's the inlet that sits just above the front spoiler, right?
  15. Right, carbs back in with new rubber bushes/insulators, new o-rings, new fuel pump diaphragms. New coolant hose fitted between inlet manifold and water pump and everything seems watertight. Got it up to running temperature at the weekend and then then went to work today and back without issue. Was soooo hot coming back and traffic bad so I was just sat in traffic with the temp gauge rising above 90. Fans kicking in bringing it down but it was hot. Noticed a few things in the drive: 1. A couple of times when I was stuck in traffic and heat and then started going again, I shifted into 2nd at low rpm. When I did the engine hesitated a lot in picking up until I have it more gas. Once I'd got going again and the temps came back down it was fine. Wondering if something had heat soaked. My first thought would be carbs but I've not heard of that happening when the engine is running. 2. I needed a bit of a top up of coolant when I got back. I'm guessing a few pockets of air that weren't filled with the car sat idling before when I warmed it up. No sign of more coolant leaking so I'll just keep an eye on the level. 3. No power steering leak any more from the reservoir and level is stable. Might be fixed... we'll see! 4. Headlining fell down again. I've got the replacement material but not the skills but it needs doing very shortly. Think that's it for now!
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