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    2009 Lotus Evora, 1995 Esprit Turbo S4, 1973 Europa TC Special, 1978 Elite. That's it now - enough!!
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    As original as circumstances will permit apart from stainless upgrades
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  1. I always turn the engine over with no throttle or choke until the oil pressure gauge reads something. Just a few seconds in reality. I then do as Justin says and give it two full throttle pumps and it fires immediately. I may then add just the tiniest bit of choke for a few minutes to keep the revs from stalling whilst I manoeuvre out of the garage. As soon as I’ve done that she’s warm enough to run and drive but obviously not full beans until warmed through. My theory is that oil is moved around at starter motor speeds until she fires properly by which time, cold oil will have at least moved a bit
  2. What astonishes me in this era of 'enlightenment' is diesel trains sitting at stations for inordinate lengths of time with their engines running. I was waiting at a platform in Leeds the other day and actually had to move to another platform as the fumes from the train were unbearable. I stood for at least twenty minutes expecting it to move off at any moment but it was still sitting their belching out black smoke when my train (actually electric) came and went. Maybe they need to keep their heaters on in readiness for passengers but it's always struck me as odd that they're just ticking over and choking up the station - can't be good. Anyway, back to cars................sorry - should be in the 'What made you shake your head today' posting! 😄
  3. UPDATE - Steve's new system on the SJ Sportscars website show these clearly so perhaps my hunt is over. Great improvement to the site means everything is labelled from factory illustrations and numbered for easy 'click through' reference. Let's hope they're the right ones 🙂
  4. Hi - Looking for guidance for a supplier of the rubber donut or cushion at the top of the rear spring mounts on my 95 S4. Hoping to refresh my suspension and experiencing the usual issue of the seized bottom stud but I'm hoping to get that sorted. What I cant find anywhere is the circular rubber isolator at the top of the rear springs where they mount to the chassis. I've looked on here and tried the usual suspects, but PNM have supplied just a very thin flat poly style ring with no moulding to it at all so my thoughts are that it wont insulate very well and will provide no cushioning to the sides of the spring where it meets the chassis. I don't really want to reuse the old rubbers but can't believe no one seems to stock these parts - is there another ross ref part from something else by any chance? Thanks as always.
  5. Going back to HMRC, we too are having issues with them getting stuff right. It wouldn't surprise me if they used Fujitsu computer systems much like the Post Office. The country is totally fooked these days it seems 😒
  6. Does anyone here have a Type 1 watch for sale in complete and good order? Its my birthday soon and I feel the need for another Lotus treat but can’t stretch to another car 🤭
  7. I’d be wary of covering the paint for too long as they can cause blistering of the paint which costs a fortune to rectify. An outdoor Carcoon can be a solution but they’re quite costly even on eBay as a used item.
  8. And, you wont find a more genuinely helpful, enthusiastic group of people who love their cars more than the folk on here. The cumulative knowledge base hereabouts is unsurpassed and really easy to access. Once Lotus bites you properly, you'll be smitten - nothing comes close and I've owned almost 200 various makes and models of cars over the years😎
  9. About £1.50 for unleaded and £1.55 for diesel in North and West Yorkshire in November 2023
  10. At least if these men were sent back from whence they came, they'd be reunited with their families, wives, girlfriends and children - the people they left behind to hold the fort whilst they searched out a 'better life' - bless! I find myself shaking my head a lot these days as the UK disappears, bit by bit. It's actually rather depressing......................😒
  11. The earth's atmosphere has a total of 0.04 per cent carbon dioxide. If this tiny figure was reduced by as far as 0.02, all our greenery, trees and plants would die and then so would we. In spite of ALL the pollution whether it comes from cars, pigs, boats, planes, cows or humans breathing out, it still accounts for only 0.04 percent of what's out there. This entire thing is a money grabbing scam and I hope it falls on its arse. This zero tailpipe emissions argument is nonsense too - it just exports emissions elsewhere so we can look and feel 'clean and green' whilst other places keep dirty and our politicians and EVangelists don't see it. It's making me cross - I should perhaps be in the 'what made you shake your head today' section 🤣
  12. Not sure if this helps at all but when I looked at mine closely, I found that adjusting the dash panel rheostat had a direct result on the brightness of the HVAC panel - and, not surprisingly, there doesn't seem to be a direct correlation to the brightness of the main dash and the brightness of the HVAC controls. On my car I seem to have found an optimum setting so that the heater controls including the little red pips are nicely bright and yet the dash isn't too strongly lit. I have to confess it was more by trial and error than any scientific or electronic wizardry but I'm pleased with the result 👍
  13. Picked this thread up as I saw 'Dead Man's Shoes' in a title and I watched it years ago. Thought it a brilliant film. Bought the DVD last month and watched it again and it's just as gritty and dark. Talking of dark, has any one seen the imaginatively titled "THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD"? I've never binge watched anything before but this really captured me and I couldn't help but watch it through - all of it over two dark nights. Each episode is only about twenty minutes long but it really drew me in with great music, great story, American Road Trip style, darkly comic but done in England by two incredible young leads. For me a great film and I would recommend it to anyone that likes an unusual film - reminded me a little of the 'Bad Times at the El Royale' with great attention to detail in the mid century furnishings and buildings - I know, I'm weird 🙃🤪
  14. The difference between a conspiracy theorist and the truth has moved to two to three months lately, at the most 🤣
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