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  1. Thank you. For the fans they are double connectors, male and female and staggered side by side so idiot proof to connect them. I'd post a photo but not got one to hand. I'll do a full update when I solve it! I know what you mean now. A double molding with male / female output. They'll be a swopped line further up stream then. Should definitely both run same direct on pull air through.
  2. Many (most) bullet connectors are bullets on both wires and a sleeve with a rubber shroud connecting them. My guess is it's just the easiest ( or not pushed in properly if a tool wasn't used on assembly) that comes out first and it looks like you have polarised male / female connectors when in fact you probably haven't. Good luck with your running reports. Keep em coming. And pictures.
  3. Is that a high level brake light I'm seeing?
  4. Are they from AutoSparks? Be interested how you find them. Tony
  5. Long long looooong while since I worked on mine, but I think they were aluminium also. Tony
  6. Buy a good Excel and you won't regret it. If reliable daily running with minimal garage time is the goal, it Gauls me to say avoid Elite / Éclat, the majority of which had non galvanised chassis and BL based running gear ( personally, I think the Elite is the best shape of the lot). Excels are galvanised and Toyota running gear. Generally that means post 82, so you can just go road tax free as well😄. Check out excelnet forum which focussed on the Grand Tourers. Huge amount of advise on look outs when buying on there. Tony
  7. Good find. Sounds like that could have let you down in a catastrophic way at best needing recovery. Tony
  8. It's not that difficult a job. Give it a go yourself. What's the worst that could happen - you loose the cost of the materials and a weekends work. Lots of advise from those that have already done it on various forums. Tony
  9. That's way over priced. As previous post, there are only a few pounds worth of material, the rest is labour. Excels are virtually identical and I don't recall anyone paying more than a few hundred. Tony
  10. Hi Tony. Ping me a message with details of the Elite/Eclat register and I will pass it to the new owners of the cars that have moved on and ask they send you the details.





  11. I can help you. Took the carpet pieces out a few years back and made patterns. Due to glacial progress, I'm still to cut and fit. Drop me a PM with contact details. Tony
  12. It's not a Celebration, but is to a virtually identical spec. 34 cars were produced after the Celebrations. This car is the 20th of those. Tony
  13. I know that repair. Top of the door on the inside, end that meets to the B post. Very weak spot. I made an alloy plate to rivet on the inside, then blended the outside with filler. It's a neatish job, but hidden behind the door trim in any case. Tony
  14. Nice work in the boot carpet and paint. Carpets on my to do list and lacquer peal is just something to stay on top of. If you leave it, it just goes wild. At least once rubbed down and a new top coat, it stops growing. The colour match is probably that the lacquer on the old paint has yellowed, changing the original colour. Tony
  15. I've not not tips yet, as still on my to do list, but my comment would be too look after the two longer horizontal pieces VERY carefully. They are unobtainium. Tony
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