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  1. Mansell is one the worst wold champion that has ever been titled in F1, as he was dominated by almost all of his teammates in his career. His results at Lotus were awful He had his days and could be quick but in this period where cars were a bit more fragile, he was just not able to take care of the material. I remember cheering for him in 1991 but looking at it back with time and hearing him misdescribe everything I realise he was just a tier 2 driver in an incredible generation (thins about Lauda, senna, Prost and Piquet who was below them still got three World titles).
  2. I personally have decided to set my Evora 400 aside for retirement. Will be perfect classic car in 20 years for rallyes and classic cars meet. Values won’t go much more down before they start picking up because of inflation so except the very recent ones, depreciation is over.
  3. It is 10,000 sold in europe so Lotus is exempt for sure
  4. PAR

    Formula One

    Re Honda, now that Red Bull has ag.reed with Ford, realistically this is the end for them. They can’t keep funding teams to get to the top and walk out then (BAR then Red Bull…). I assume when the rumours that they wanted to go back was when negotiations with Ford and red bull were going on and it helped red bull to leverag it in their negotiations.
  5. PAR

    Formula One

    RB factory, Ford will finance. RB probably will keep the rights just in case.
  6. And murder rate in Canada is double of europe but 40% of the US. Switzerland also has lots of guns but murder rate is half of the European average. Guns are quite controlled though. Guns in free for all is an aggravating factor but you also need a context favourable to homicide obviously. If the US had strict gun rules, they would have a lower homicide/mass shooting rates but they would still have a lot more homicide than the UK or the rest of europe.
  7. Yeah, that is just wrong. Over 600 mass shootings last year in the US and at least 35 already this year. Bad journalism.
  8. New York had about 440 murders last year, London 110, Singapore 10. London is in line with the rest of the UK in murder rate, not worst. Obviously NY is not the most dangerous part of the US. Statistically, the US is quite dangerous about 5x more than the averaging European country. The UK is not bad but worst than Nordic countries or Germany in europe. Singapore, Japan, HK are safest places to live or visit . Australia is marginally better than the UK but not much.
  9. Doesn’t sound like a risky proposal. Running cost not always cheap on Ferraris but depreciation won’t be an issue.
  10. Although there are streams about delivery, tests, reviews, what I am really looking for is real feedback from people who have their car delivered. How does it drive? How does it compare to what you are used to? Is it it all working? Do you have any second thoughts ? Anything you have discovered? Hopefully all centralised in on stream to understand how people feel post delivery!
  11. I am not sure about that, the mini and the Ferrari of my wife would stay Parker outside for much longer than this and still start whereas my Evora was really the only car where I was charging it regularly when unused more than week. i fear this means garage owners only when it comes to those cars. If really this is all new cars, the I may just keep adding up to my 90’s collection.
  12. Hopefully snow is not putting a dent in your resolve. I miss those meetings (and my lotuses) so do not hesitate to post picture after!
  13. As an Evora owner I don’t have a problem with the fact the Emira is better looking. Closer to the 488 style which not being a 2+2 helps. i always thought the Evora lights were too big and if they relooked the Evora a bit with thinner lights and few other curves and maybe use the Emira dashboard, I would have been really tempted to buy a new one. Can’t justify and 4th 2 seater only on my drive so the Evora remains as my most reasonable car.
  14. If BJ had not made his allegations under the parliamentary privilege, he would have been sued for libel and most likely lost. Many conservatives including current PM said BJ comment was wrong and many called for him to apologise. KSM was never aware of the case at the time and his only action was to ask for a report on why it didn’t get prosecuted. The CPS lawyer only advised the police that they would need victim testimony or at least witness an evidence but the police was never able to even get one victime to agree to testify. It wasn’t that the CPS choose not to prosecute it is that the police was never able to build the beginning of a case. Considering the number of people who seemed to know including at the BBC it is pretty shocking that no witness ever came forward..
  15. Current CPS head has been appointed by Geoffrey Cox when he was attorney general for Theresa May in 2018 replacing Alison Saunders who had been appointed by Dominic Grieve in 2013. Number of prosecutions and convictions for domestic abuse has increased under Keir Starmer Smith and then increased further with Alison Saunders reaching over 100,000 prosecutions a year but then dropped meaningfully under Hill close to 50,000 a year. Seems like domestic abuse is not a priority of the current government anymore.
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