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    Jim Naylor
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    Current - Europa S2 / Esprit SE, long gone Elan +2S, Elan +2 130
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    Europa Salv Sacco Modified R17 Gordini X flow Engine + 5 speed Box / Esprit None
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  1. It's only advisory if you leave your car with side or parking lights on. Otherwise it's compulsory. But it's ignored by almost everyone and I've never seen a single report of anybody being prosecuted. So it's another of those laws that are there in theory but not in practice.
  2. NG5

    £19,000 S2.2!

    Now on ebay at just shy of £40k! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/296456826316
  3. Decided to do a bit of googling and found this. for over 80 years multi storey car parks (MSCP) have been designed for vehicles with a maximum gross weight of 2,500kg, which equates to a uniformly distributed load of 2.5kN/m2. They add that the maximum gross weight has now increased to over 3,000kg, necessitating the design loading to be increased to 3.0kN/m2 in the IStructE's recently published Car Park Design guidance. The average gross weight of vehicles has also increased from 1,500kg to 2,000kg requiring the impact force on rigid vehicle restraint barriers to be increased from 150kN to 200kN.
  4. I've been in quite a few multi-story car parks recently where the number of spaces per floor has been reduced by significantly widening the bays. I have assumed this is to prevent the new heavier vehicles overloading the floor slabs. Heavy vehicles have been around a long time but they have been a tiny proportion of the total, they are rapidly heading to be the majority.
  5. Ultimately it's down to the man on the Clapham omnibus. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man_on_the_Clapham_omnibus What is reasonable.
  6. If it's a joint policy, you are limited to the same SDP when driving so you are covered as YOU are not commuting
  7. Personally I actually agree with you, but that is not necessarily the Law. I'm not a lawyer, but studied contract law and reading/commenting on contracts was part of my day job. Contract law is full of nuances and ultimately depends on what the Judge thinks. But in general terms Judges don't like vague terms, particularly when there is a big difference in the power of the parties, such as here, big corporation v ordinary individual where they will tend to side with the weaker party. The fact is here "commuting to work" is not clearly defined, it can and was read buy different parties as "commuting the whole journey to work", or "commuting the whole or part of the journey to work". The fact that other major insurers in their wording were far more specific made the outcome almost inevitable. BTW I always included commuting in my policy and quite a few times added business use. The extra premium for business use was always £0. Now retired so neither applies 🙂
  8. Don't worry about the battery technology, there is not going to be enough electricity to charge them anyway, the AI data centers are going to hog it all. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cj5ll89dy2mo
  9. NG5

    £19,000 S2.2!

    https://www.iconicauctioneers.com/1980-lotus-esprit-s2-2-rec13429-1-sywell-0524?pn=1&el=22731&pp=100 Looking at all the lots in this auction most of the sold prices seem quite low.
  10. In the UK (don't know about anywhere else) complete headlamp replacement with 'e' marked units such as those sold by PNM are road legal and will pass a MOT. Putting led or hid bulbs in standard halogen headlamps in place of the halogen bulb was made illegal a couple of years ago, the MOT regs are just catching up. The reason apparently is that for the reflectors and lens's to work properly the bulb fillament needs to be in a specific place. Led and HID bulbs don't put it in the correct location and so the beam pattern is wrong often leading to dazzle. Led's not being single light sorce and hid's longer than a std bulb.
  11. I remember it well. I actually worked as a bin man in the summer holidays when a student on village rounds near Skipton. It was actually a sought after summer job at the time because unlike most summer jobs that paid reduced rates to students, the bins paid full wage. There was a definite knack to getting the bin on your shoulder, you sort of threw it up rather than lifted. Not difficult when you knew how, but occasionally, rather than the bin flying to your shoulder, your shoulder would fly to an unmoving bin. Fortunately, every round had a man mountain on the team who you would call over, he would then lift if up effortlessly while giving you a look which said "you are so pathetic not being able to pick up such a featherweight bin". A very different time.
  12. I would hardly call it a big change. The paper copy has had no legal standing for a long time and when buying a car the advise has been to check MOT history on line and not to trust the paper copy as it might be forged. The article seems to imply that they will still print the paper version if you ask for it. It also gives you the opportunity to ask for the corner weight print out which are now measured for the brake test, which hardly anyone gives out as standard.
  13. I've never seen this particular one, nor fitted a high torque starter to an esprit. But I have fitted high torque starters to various competition cars. You normally only need to fit a high torque starter when you have increased the compression to such an extent that the standard starter starts to struggle to turn the engine over fast enough. On an unmodified car they are overkill, if the standard starter is working fine. This one also seems particularly expensive.
  14. I have to 100% agree with you. I no longer need the flexibility/space of the daily hack I've been using, an Astra 1.4T and I've been toying with the idea of a Evora as a daily for a while. A couple of weeks ago saw a 400 on line that ticked most boxes, and wondered what the insurance would be. Went to the usual comparison sites, quotes came back almost exactly the same as for the Astra which I only renewed about a month ago! Go figure! Bog standard hatchback worth less than 10k v an Evora 400 worth about 50K. Quotes were on the same basis. Bizarre
  15. Quite a lot I hope as I'm about to hit that number later this year. Still healthy, fit(ish), active, feeling and doing much the same as I did many years ago.
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