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  1. This will be a long one, and not sure if the OP is still reading. I own a GT430 Sport. Have driven an Evora GT410 (auto) before I bought mine. Have driven Cayman GT4 RS, not a vanilla GT4. Also, other cars from this thread, 570S, A110. The GT4 RS is an epic, epic thing. Would I buy it at double the price of my car? No. If it was the same price? Yes! My biased opinion on the best back road car? Yep, my GT430 Sport. How different is it compared to a GT410? It was a long time between driving the two, but my recollection says the GT410 is only a fraction off the GT430 experience, and the biggest difference IMHO is the Ohlins. Those things are a thing of witchcraft. Also, on some very bumpy Tasmanian roads, the GT430 handles bumps much better than the clutch of Porsche GTx cars I was travelling with. I have it on reasonably good authority that any Evora is miles better in driver feel to the Cayman GTS. Again, no direct GT4 comparison. Opinions from friends who did drive my car and the 718 GT4 back to back was level at 1 - 1, that is, one loved mine, the other preferred the GT4. I'd say choice between a GT410 and GT4 is going to come down to personal preference. On the 570S - if I had the money, would love one, but feel it cannot be fully exploited on the road, so it would be either a waste or I'd lose my licence pretty quickly. At sane speeds the Evora is more engaging. I wouldn't sell the Evora to get one, but would love them side by side in my garage. The A110 is a car I would buy and considered before buying the Evora. I had a Megane as a daily for some time. The A110 is pure joy on a bumpy back road. In Tassie, the A110 and Evora were the best cars to drive as they soaked up the bumps and were utterly engaging, at speeds that were not completely over the top.
  2. Yan

    TLF GT430 Club

    @Black Forest Power put together this image a while ago of all the GT430 Sport in the world.
  3. Megane RS280 Sport is the practical daily for me. Comfortable enough, practical enough, and has all the mod cons (and mod cons - electric steering, stupid touch screen HVAC), feels agile and certainly felt better than most of its competition even if it's ultimately not the quickest, and of course not as much feedback as a Lotus.
  4. Agree with most. Emira front is nice. Evora arse is sexy. GT430 Sport arse pics.
  5. More photos from the Aussie "Alps".
  6. LOL, you guys are hilarious. The 996 owner loved it, but he liked the Cayman GT4 even better. He likes the directness and feedback the GT430 brings. He also had an S2 Exige previously, so he knows the Lotus vibe. I didn't have time to sample the GT4. A comparison I am looking forward to. The 991 owners also commented the GT430 felt lighter and was fast, and only seemed to go one speed - quick! I think they appreciate the dual personality of the GT3. But that comment on the all or nothing approach of the Evora is exactly why I love it. It feels special at any speed. Of the two GT3's, the 996 feels closer to the Evora than the 991. The 991 just feels too modern and disconnected for my liking, despite its genuine everyday usability. One guy who drove all the cars but owns neither Lotus nor Porsche is currently checking the Emira configurator. 😁
  7. Went for an epic 4 day journey through the Australian "Alps" (hills to the Europeans). Swapped cars with some 911 GT3 owners for some of it. They can keep their GT3's. Wow, the GT430 Sport is a much, much better drive than all of them. The 991.2 generation just felt heavy and sluggish to react in comparison, the 996.2 was fun, but slower. The Evora felt so much more nimble and connected when jumping back into it.
  8. Yan

    TLF GT430 Club

    Not sure if anyone is still looking, but this popped up Down Under... https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2018-lotus-evora-gt430-manual-my18/SSE-AD-13778449/?Cr=1
  9. out and about this morning
  10. Pretty sure very few thieves understand the Lotus immobiliser. 😂
  11. I also have both. They're 2 very different cars. I can't choose between them. Not much out there feels like an Elise/Exige until you go to more extremes like a Caterham or X-Bow, etc The Evora is the pinnacle of road car for me. Evora I'd be happy driving everywhere. Elise only in certain circumstances, in the every day mundane it's quite miserable. I do wonder if V6 Exige is the best of both in the one package.
  12. Reports I have heard is that Evora has better driver engagement, Emira is more civilised. Depends on your priorities. If prices here in Oz reflect elsewhere, we are only seeing Evora prices going up, though with a potential worldwide recession looming, who knows where values are heading.
  13. thread revival... I'm guessing A128G0013F is the right part number. I have the same forged wheels in matte black. About to order some replacements. My question is - has anyone had luck keeping these little suckers in the wheels during track days? I have lost my front two. And to take them off/on during/after track days - how to do this while wheels are still bolted on? I only have the one set of wheels and could not be arsed taking them off the car. Seems a bit finicky to wedge something in the gap to pry them out all the time.
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