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    Sport 220 (should have kept it). Porsche Macan GTS. MGRV8. Emira i4FE deposit down 07/21 should arrive sometime in 23 🌞 🤔
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  1. Just see my last response on the subject (above) It’s been a long wait and that hasn’t bothered me but started back some time to look like nothing this side of Christmas. Already lost my built up NCB when it passed two years, wasn’t best pleased but can handle it. I’ve driven the V6 a lot, on Hethel track over two days and on road several times. I still think the car looks great and drives so well, though wasn’t fully taken with the interior. Also not to comfortable with the new dealer support set up and the fact that there are usually 50+ of them on Autotrader. Frankly I’ve just lost the love and have baled, got my deposit back within 14 days and decided to go for something I’ve never previously considered. As my son said it’s an “old man’s car” he’s 43 and my second born so I think I qualify. It’s been an interesting journey, still wish I had kept my Sport 220 and maybe sold my RV8 (another old man’s car😏) but enjoying this very much at the moment 😊
  2. Absolutely, with real locals, great food and the Ducati and Ferrari factories to visit. 👍
  3. Oh I wouldn’t say that, you’ve clearly learnt that you like wedding cake 🙄
  4. Thanks, @Emiralust Good luck whichever way it pans out, quick sale or early Summer enjoyment. 👍
  5. If you want to go back six years yes. I’m referring to new i.e. 2022 under 5000 miles. A lot less than current Emira’s on sale.
  6. With now 19 on Autotrader can’t see them being snapped up, especially if you compare to say Cayman GTS/GT4 or even a 992S. All of which if new/resale are akin to hens teeth and valued accordingly. Think maybe that the general view is that significant overs to original purchase price is not going to cut it. Can see these continuing to decrease if they don’t move soon. I am not interested in making a profit on my car but also don’t want to take a bath on resale in a few years if the market volume is greater than UK interest/demand. @EmiralustYours is the best competitively priced car on the market. Can I ask what has been your experience with potential buyers?
  7. They’ve arrived then, Early! 🤔
  8. Rybrook Bristol still waiting for their showroom car. Told it would be in Magma Red. The current demo unit is in Nimbus with tour suspension, drove it last week.
  9. Not sure about the guarantee, usually paint/clear coat lifting due to contamination of the surface prior to painting, or a poor finished surface would be most likely guarantee claim. Re marks on the surface? Dark Verdant in good light will show up every small surface mark, but the ceramic top coat should afford a good degree of protection. Unless the car wasn’t Mop’d properly before it was applied and the marks are under the ceramic. @Stuart McCallAre you saying marks are appearing now and how/what are you cleaning the car with.
  10. Not sure how you can believe that, they will have had considerable cost increases since the launch price announcement whichever way you cut it.
  11. MJON

    Test Drives

    Finally had my test drive earlier today. Never thought it would cost me £6k 😳 (another busy thread today) Anyway, I had already driven two pre final cars at Hethel, but you don’t pay much attention to the decor when your blatting it. Got to say the car just looks so beautiful and the Nimbus shows off the design so well. Nice ride and balance (tour suspension) with great steer feel. Brakes rather sharp but soon remember that, good forward and side vision. Camera and mirrors if you want to see anything behind. It was not at all unpleasant. Fit and finish was okay, it is not at Porsche level and to me already looks a bit dated, but it’s not at all bad. One thing that looks great but would need protecting, is all the high gloss black elements. If I do go ahead and buy it, I think it may just be to look at.
  12. Got to smile as I had my test drive earlier today 😏. Not really surprised, this increase was inevitable, if I’d have stuck with V6 I would have been inside the time window. With Porsche your final price is subject to any increases until lockdown, which is usually 3 months before delivery. So on say a 911S and several GTS models, you typically have up to 21 months exposure. Higher up the food chain even greater. Those that have been given delivery dates inside the time window, to find the factory has since delayed should be treated fairly. Would certainly challenge them on this.
  13. Understand your concerns @New Emira. My Elise failed me twice with some easily fixable issues but didn’t mind to much as the dealer was close by and personable. They are no longer Lotus dealers and i’m not sure I care to be dragging back and forth over an hour each way, with unclear opportunity to borrow a car just to return home. A sports car is supposed to be fun not frustration 😖 So I am now pretty much on the fence myself. Keep enjoying the F type. 👍
  14. Now 10 Emira on Autotrader, mostly with traders some private, as the Nimbus above. Prices range from £80-95k. Not exactly being snapped up though 😏.
  15. Latest update today also and same as last one, i4FE “October” Have to say re some of the issues reported I’m starting to feel a little concerned at how they fair with the intro of a totally new engine setup and from what I understand so far some dubious after sale support?
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