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  1. How has the car been received by the American car enthusiasts.
  2. Very interesting. Looking forward to some great pictures.
  3. I'm also sorry your experience has been so bad. I've always posted that Lotus need to up their quality control. It seems they have a long way to go. The paint blisters are really concerning imo.
  4. Definitely one of the better looking 430 Cup. Good luck with it Mitch I hope it does well.
  5. Hi auRouge, I never got to see the car in the flesh but the pictures with the white Esprit were stunning. Not many 430 Cup cars float my boat but a few look really fantastic. They are very desirable in that imo they are the very pinnacle of what Lotus did.
  6. I made a casual enquiry about that white 430 Cup. Truly stunning car. I wonder where it went.
  7. That Empire green GT430 looks terrific. The GT430s and 430 Cup Exiges are holding strong money. As said, the apex cars of their models.
  8. That's strong money for the 430 Cup. It's more than it was advertised for.
  9. Troyboy

    TLF GT430 Club

    Great colour with silver wheels. Very nice indeed.
  10. Nice 430 Cup just come up for sale on PH. Vivid green final edition with only 132 miles. £110k all but a few quid.
  11. Sorry I can't attach a link but Silverstone Lotus have an Evora GT430 advertised. It's metallic grey at £100k.
  12. I love the LF1. And I agree the harnesses do not add any appeal. Very strong money but I honestly think that is the direction the S3s will be going. Its expensive for now though.
  13. They had to stick Lotus on the side because no one would have had a bloody clue what it was. I fear for Lotus I really do.
  14. As good as any Porsche may be they lack any wow factor imo. Their success unfortunately removed the exclusivity of the brand.
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