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  1. car is esprit s4 (1995). On holiday and nearing end of trip. Engine check light has come on and noticed that water temp has dropped from 70 to 35 !!! stopped the car went for a coffee and on return started car and of course no engine check light. nothing obvious to see, no leaks and everthing seems to work as normal. Car drives fine. What do the experts on here think, serious or will it get me home (500 miles)
  2. would have been useful if I had mentioned the CAR!!! Esprit S4 1995
  3. I have purchased a rear view camera which i want to install above the rear number plate, but I am struggling to find a way of routing the wire from the camera through to the dashboard Any ideas or suggestions??
  4. My ABS / ECU needs replacing (garage have done this with one from another customer car and proven that mine has failed). Knowing that many on here have replaced/ deleted their ABS system I am just wondering if anyone has an old ABS ECU in their box of old bits? or does anyone know of a breakers with Esprits that I can talk to? cheers Geoff
  5. Hi my car Lotus Esprit S4. the handbrake works as far in that the cable pulls the pads onto disc and stops the car But.... the ratchet has stopped working so I cannot park the car with the brake on..... dashboard warning light is permanently on. Took the seat out and had a look through the 2 access holes but cannot see anything wrong. I was only looking for about 10 minutes as the contortions of bending over and looking at stuff upside down got the better of me. Tried using mirrors but could still not see what is wrong. Advice please Geoff
  6. having downloaded freescan it does not open up properly I get the message "system cannot find specified file" then the freescan control panel opens anyone know how to fix this??
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