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  1. So apparently another Lotus meet up spotted at the same hotel in Hunstanton again a year later, I guess LDC again?
  2. Also worth checking for a vacuum leak, the cheap elbows have a tendency to crack when you knock them while working on the engine and it’s easy not to notice! Follow the vacuum all the lines, and from my vague memory, the ones near the ECU. Appreciate it’s not electrical but easy to end up down a rabbit hole on these things and I’m speaking from experience
  3. I’m good with the 18th. 1. Sparky 2. internets
  4. Currently I am free most weekends in May, Monday 6th and 27th are Bank holidays which may , or may not, help. FWIW June is generally less good for me.
  5. Hey that was my line @Sparky I will Look forward to some trappist beer @Escape and need to find some Leffe Nectar to take back home
  6. Yes, I am interested @Escape Do we get Belgian chocolate and beer Another road trip with @Sparky though, hmmm
  7. Happy birthday Filip. I was searching for a 'suitable' image for this thread via Google images but they all seem to already be on TLF, I blame @Bibs On the upside, well for me at least, I did manage to find those Belgian Lotus Biscoff in a local supermarket, yummy Anyway have a great evening Filip, and I'll raise a glass of Leffe to you!
  8. Ha that might of been down to me, as well as you, as I invited Gez over when he first brought his lovely red Evora, now replaced with his S1 Elise A few founding members of the Eurotec club did join several years back when I mentioned TLF to them, although no longer active here but one of them is now busy running a huge parts empire
  9. Thank you for arranging this again this year @Bibs. Great to catch up with everyone for a very enjoyable evening and I even saw a sight I never thought physically possible.... @Sparky upright and still making sense at the end of the evening, well mostly Challenge failed @Bibs but don't fret there is always next year Now can we have the dates for next one soon before Premier inn get wind and stick the prices up
  10. I know its that time of the year again as I am getting hundreds of passive aggressive emails and texts from Mr Hunt and his merry men telling me to get my arse into gear, do I need help (that is for sure! ) and time is running out. I've got a good month and a half yet or might just take up @Sparky on his very kind offer 🤔
  11. The TLF Crimbo party is always a highlight of the calendar and IMHO Crimbo does not start until then Really glad you took time out @cjtpb13 to come over and visit, it was great to catch up. Thanks again for the Fish Finger Sandwich It has been a blast and one of the few forums I have ever joined, and even though currently not a Lotus owner I am here for the many friends I have made through TLF. I met @Bibs like 17 years ago, I seem to remember he was being spoken too by some Stoomtroopers at the time and remember thinking I did not recall Brad Pitt having a part in Star Wars Also @Sparky has always had a warm welcome and a cuppa on at his place not to mention the various trips we have had over the years . And its all down to @Bibs and what was then LEF It was great to meet you again @Escape, we really must come over and visit you! Plus I now need a supply of chocolate Lotus biscuits
  12. Hi @ColinMullaney Wow. Blast from the past! I know that car very well from when Felix owned it in the UK, I found a few pictures from back in the day! As others have mentioned if you need a ALDL cable I can supply one or I believe @sanj also can set you up with one, he is based in the US .
  13. ChrisJ Sparky Brian Harvey (Lotus if not raining / Renault if it is !) Spyros Painterdave pete Dave Eds Wayne and Michelle internets
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