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Community Answers

  1. How are these tires behaving noise wise for daily driving? I am to put on the same type of 17” rims.
  2. At this very moment all electricity is produced by wind in Denmark.
  3. Or just loosen the banjo bolts below both tanks.
  4. Hi Tocus I have put new adjustable GAZ in my 84 The 82 has the adjustable Protech damper. Here the adjusting knob fouls with the spring! Up to 85 the front spring rest on the lower wish bone, whereas models from 85 have coil overs. I was looking into fitting coil overs my self. The spring cup must be cut away, and the lower wish bone modified for the extra load from these coil overs. Havent done it, as the wish bone is in such good shape. But do still have this on my wish list. Rebuild of my 84 is not completed yet. But if its still sitting too high, I will propably go that route. Though, instead of cutting up original wish bone, I will make a new one where the camper can be adjusted as well.
  5. Thanks for allthe input. It turns out that the plastic piston is kind of cocked in the tension body bore, and not moving freely. Ordered a new piston and bore from SJs.
  6. Not really. It's simply something I refuse to fit. Will you please colaborate?
  7. Is there any reason to suspect that the blue belt is the culprit? Belt a bit shorter? The belt is from SJ Sportscars, and have a similar belt at my 82 TE without any issue. (If its from same supplier?) During this weekend I will attend it a bit further.
  8. Good point with zip ties. yes, I have turned the engine by hand. Several times. The belt is tight, but I find the adjusting screw kind of far out. which worries me a bit.
  9. Hi Gis. Kind of glad to hear this, as I am a bit reluctant to disassemble the engine again. Nor taking any risk This 84 is equipped with AC.
  10. You might be right. I replaced the springs, but fail to noticing this before I placed the engine back in
  11. Maybe I put it wrong calling it idler. I am refering to the adjustment screw for the timing belt tension pulley.
  12. New blue timing belt. Thightened to 113 Hz at 30 BTDC. All good! However, looking at how fare the tension adjustment bolt is sticking out from idler pulley body concerns me a bit. Can anyone confirm if this looks OK?
  13. My apology. Missed to see that you switched location with the low oil pressure switch. Just saw it as you located it below the oil pressure transducer.
  14. There is no oil flow where you fitted that sensor, so it cant read the oil temperature!
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