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  1. @Sparky My late father always said they cure you of one thing so you can die of something else.
  2. Looking for a set of 15" wheels for an early Stevens turbo. anyone got a set?
  3. I did the conversion and kept the original hubs as I fitted a later type. But I agree about the original brakes, hence why I did the upgrade as it never stopped well. Not sure to be honest mine is a a very early one, and prices are rising. I know in collector circle s originality is key.
  4. My car is currently undergoing work. The engine and gearbox have been rebuilt and the rest is underway. Its a very early stevens carb turbo (pre eagle chassis). I currently run GT3 wheels with 4 pot Hispec calipers on front. The people doing the work are recommending going back to standard 15" alloys and original brakes. They are suggesting this due to originality of car etc... what are peoples thoughts?
  5. Thoughts to those who have lost their lives RIP, by accounts there were cars and also a construction crew on the bridge.
  6. @Brian Harvey Yes I have seen that, my case is different its a fitted wheeled case, that is slopped to fit in the boot. I think they are pretty rare.
  7. Has anyone else got the fitted suitcase for their Esprit?
  8. @Gjk I drilled holes as in the link @Bibs has sent. I used quite a few bolts, but it was years ago.
  9. Mine is the sport 300 lip, no problems with speed bumps as it’s rubber. That’s the reason I fitted a rubber lip.
  10. @drdoom mine is a UK version with Renault box, but i believe it is same wheels. Currently have GT3 wheels but looking to taking back to original setup.
  11. I was at SJ on Tuesday as they are recommissioning my car. I'm also in Essex, would have taken the part down for you.
  12. I spoke to my wealth manager the other day. Inflation is predicted to keep coming down and interest rates are expected to level out at around 3% which would be more normal, thane what we have had, also said a Labour Government will make little difference.
  13. Am I correct that the early stevens cars had 15" front and rear? and that the rear are staggered? Thanks
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