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  1. On my S3 NA, I have had two dash light switches burn out - I would check that first - the contacts can also become dirty in the switch / recessed into the plastic due to the heat going through the switch. I have subsequently changed to LED headlights and this has reduced the current draw a lot which I hope means the switch will last longer...
  2. Removing the sills requires several rivets being drilled out and then cutting the sealant used to hold them on - I not sure how easy it is to access the rivets. I would access this nest through the top of the fuel tank area? - so removing the carpeted shelf above the tank in the engine compartment - you should then be able to see what is going on from above - you might need to remove the wooden tank top as well - but you can see a fair amount of the tank in my car by just removing the top cover.
  3. Glad to see that they are keeping a close eye and doing belt and braces - I would recommend starting with the Concorde Lego set if you have not already built at least 3…
  4. Glad to hear you are out the other side of all of that! - Evidence on this forum shows you are already a virtual mechanic - so I would just design a charging mechanism for your clients to ensure you develop some sort of workable bottom line.
  5. I am jealous on two fronts - both the S1 and the garage!!
  6. Glorious weather for the IOW - enjoy the gin! and fingers crossed on the next steps plan.
  7. I have just had carbs fully re-built and it has new distributor and coil and leads and plugs - it used to be bit of a pig to start when hot but I have not experimented more recently - hopefully it is now much better! I think the leopard skin headrests are a very tasteful mod - one wonders why Lotus did not offer as a standard interior fabric at the time... 😎
  8. I would worry about starting mine 40x on an off - hot starting can be a little uh interesting sometimes... but of course mine is not fuel injected which would help...
  9. I think I can work out who this car belongs to! Or rather two cars - anything else you can share @Suddabym - did you get then to sign your leather seats heh? (one of the cars is I think your one)
  10. skiing


    Glad to hear you are home - always much better to back in the tender care of Tracey... hopefully they work out what is needed to get you 100% again very soon! Gin is also praised for its medicinal qualities as well of course - perhaps you should invest in one or two bottles?
  11. skiing


    Get well soon Sparky! I hope it is nothing serious and you will be manhandling an Esprit gearbox on your own, under a car in light drizzle very soon...
  12. I found it very hard to find one of these for my S3 HC N/A engine - eventually getting one from Garry Kemp (via ebay) - a brand new one - but I think he only had one. Lotusbits also said they were planning on making some new ones but I am not sure when or what the final product will look like. Perhaps worth asking them a long with other parts suppliers around? Might be the odd second hand one on eBay - good luck!
  13. Neat installation - I would worry though that bits would start to drop off mine with that quantity of bass... wing mirrors, trim pieces, rear view mirror etc...
  14. I have Konis on the front of my S3 and OE lotus ones on the back but I am not sure you can get them any more - I am happy with Konis - I had the pro-techs before and the adjustment knobs fouled on the suspension and where munched... I don't think (from what I read here) that they are very similar in characteristics to the original armstrongs either... I would try and keep / refurb your rears for sure.
  15. I would have a set of these if possible - my S3 has some completely non standard ones - 500-600 would work for me (if that is realistic).
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