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Engine suddenly died while cruising


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This morning on the way to work, while I was cruising, the car suddenly sputters and died...

I managed to cruise a little and parked along the road side and tried to start the engine .. nothing happened.. don't hear the fuel pump, no cranking, dashboard lamps all off ... it is as though there is completely no power..

So i opened the engine bay and wiggled the contact posts on the battery, all seems well, and I tried to crank and the car started this time round ...

It behave normally from then on and I managed to drive to my office without any other event

I used to encounter the engine dying on me when it was at idle in 2019, but during those times I could still crank although it won't start, so i think it might be another problem ... 

Any idea what may have caused this to happen? 


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Kind of sounds like a bad or loose ground but these days your computer controls pretty much everything and they do, like all electrical devices, have a life expectancy and don't last. May need to put it on a scope to find the problem.



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but mine are carbs ... but will check the grounding .. 

it just feels like someone just pulled the connection from the battery .. completely dead..

i am guessing it is more electrical than anything else..


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I agree it sounds like an electrical problem, but I wouldn't focus on the battery connections. After all, with the engine running the alternator will provide current even if the battery gets disconnected.

What puzzles me is you also lost the dash. I had a look in the diagrams at what is common to all systems and could find only the 12V feed from the starter to the loom and the earth lead from engine to chassis. The battery is connected through those 2 leads, as is the alternator, so this could explain the total loss of power even with engine running.


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I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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It was very common in the 84 and later Porsche 911s that the relay for the fuel pump would wear out and go off over bumps and then come back on.  Car would go totally off - very weird and get progressively worse.  But the dash would not go out. I guess there is not a master relay?

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Drove the car around for the last 2 days.. 

Everything seem to be working fine. The problem did not happen again.. 

Probably will have to wait for it to happen and check again.. 

I have now kept a multimeter in the car in case it happens again.. 


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