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Cracked Screen - Clam release advice needed.

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Managed to crack my screen.. Like Birds and planes, you can’t avoid them! 

Called AutoGlass through my insurance and they’ve ordered the glass from Lotus.. 

They’ve said the front clam needs to be loosened and the clam screws released to fit the new screen. Fair enough. 

Issue is that they want the car at their own AutoGlass service shop instead of going out to my dealer to calibrate the screen. This sounds right and proper.

Getting Lotus dealer to release the clam and then getting the car to Autoglass is the issue.. flat bed transporter sound expensive!

Is it difficult to release the clam? Something I could do at Autoglass or am I asking for trouble? 

Had a quick search and found a few links to Elise clams but nothing clear enough that gives me confidence to DIY.

Advice please 🙏🏽 


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Clam needs to be moved away from base of screen to allow screen to be placed in, rather than dragged in.

Calibration is new one on me...  Tell them to turn up to your garage of choice where the car will be presented accordingly.

We've done loads here, it's really not a big deal.  Just make sure they are covering the cost of the clam remove and refit.


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I've herd of the screen fitters banging chocks in to lift the clam rather than remove and cracking it.

As mentioned clam off then they've full access and your hopefully get a better job all round 

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The “calibration” will be because they think the car has a ADAS lane departure camera, which it obviously does not.

It also could be their code for “needs to be done in the garage, not at home” because of the need for clam loosening.

I’m currently going through the same process with Autoglass with my Emira.

Waiting for them to schedule the fourth fitting attempt, because they keep breaking the dab aerial connector.

After every failed attempt they pester me to have it calibrated, despite me pointing out every time that I don’t have a camera.

Good luck!

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Thanks for that KJD.  

Been waiting all week for a call re screen delivery, still waiting.

A mate of mine who owns the local bodyshop has said he’d loosen the clam and let Autoglass use his facilities… 

My plan is to insist they do it at Seb’s and then I’ll drive it to Autoglass for any further work. 

Will report back. 

Faffy faff faff!! 

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  • 4 weeks later...

Latest.. after a rather long time Autoglass have my new screw in stock.


Stalemate between Autoglass who insists the work must be carried out at their site only but do t know how to loosen the front clam so insist on it being done before installing new screen.

Lotus B and C have said they’re happy to loosen the clam and host Autoglass in their workshop…

Now looking at mechanics that will go to Autoglass 🤦‍♂️.. 

Any ideas or suggestions welcomed 

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I’m almost there @Bibs.

Like to think I’m a fairly chilled person so don’t let these things bother me but I’m starting to get irritated because I just don’t have the time to deal with it during the summer months.

The last person I spoke to a few days ago said she’d organised an Elise a few weeks ago so she didn’t understand why whoever I was talking to was making a meal of it by saying I have to take my car to them. 

Last chance for Autoglass before I call insurance 🧐

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