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  1. Apparently the shooter was only 150m away and it should have been an easy head shot for a trained sniper. His lack of exprience mean't he didn't allow for the cross wind coming from Trump's mouth.
  2. You could wrap it up in one word probably, Diplomacy.
  3. JUNE!! 😁 I'm helping out Friday so will get a preview.
  4. Toned down a bit from the original artwork
  5. Sorry Barry.. Just thinking this whole debacle sounds like the story line of one of those C5 afternoon films that my missus watches during the week. Always a deranged individual going on some revenge/ vengeance induced murder spree 😕 don't worry it always turns out for the best.
  6. Maybe they have not told them yet. 😁
  7. I believe they are back to one shift only now at the factory.
  8. Belonged to racing driver and ES owner before the seller so hopefully looked after.
  9. I was thinking just that the other day @C8RKH after reading some more of the continued saga that Barry has to put up with. Change all the pronouns, male for female names and visversa and send it off to some paper or womens rights group and wait for their reaction. Then say well actually it is totally the reverse hah, now what do you say.
  10. An update on the expansion plans. Flooding and heritage issues with Lotus expansion in Hethel | Eastern Daily Press (edp24.co.uk)
  11. chipp

    Lotus Emira I4

    For some patience is a vertue and people putting down in words their emotions can be because they have reached the end of their patience. You've not sent the mail yet but you have got down your feelings into words, got it off your chest. So, maybe try to put that all behind you now and if the Emira is definately on the way enjoy it when it does turn up, the summer is just around the corner.
  12. 👍 imagine the shots they could broadcast on raceday, can't wait for that.
  13. Two all clears from the hospital on the same day, 💪
  14. That picture has really just hit home for me. Not having much interest in electric cars the one on the end is the end of Lotus as we know it. 😕
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