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  1. Well, he ain't gonna get shagged to death. That's a dead cert. 😂
  2. Sounds like the clutch has gone to me 🤔
  3. What's the wear pattern like over all 4 tyres? When was the last time you had a wheel alignment check? Have you checked the correct pressures in the S owners manual?
  4. https://www.thesun.co.uk/motors/26450032/iconic-lotus-sports-car-transformed-jacuzzi/
  5. And I painted the wheel yellow on my wheelbarrow to match the green handles 💛
  6. Good for you. And long may it continue ! I think that is me, you and C8RKHLGBTQIA+ in the same camp. PS am I allowed to say camp these days?
  7. To$$er How many of us have ever thought of putting a Mazda badge on our pride and joy?
  8. Rambo

    Formula One

    Good odds at Ladbrokes.... Hornier stays but Newey, Verstappen and Marko to go
  9. Rambo

    Formula One

    The off track action in F1 has become more exciting than the on track action unfortunately https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/formulaone/article-13159871/Geri-Halliwell-one-time-symbol-Girl-Power-non-speaking-scene-personal-humiliation-dont-let-Christian-Horners-deflection-lack-contrition-hide-real-victim-writes-IAN-HERBERT.html?ito=native_share_article-top
  10. Rambo

    Formula One

    I was being optimistic then. Now I am super optimistic. Call that April at the latest.
  11. See here for Trump's mounting debt..... https://trumpdebtcounter.com
  12. Rambo

    Formula One

    Geri is wearing the TENA pants, but only if they're white. I suspect Hornier has been wearing brown ones for weeks 🤔
  13. Rambo

    Formula One

    I bet he's ex Red Bull by the end of the year.
  14. I certainly don't regret not buying one. I have zero "range anxiety" like many current owners
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