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  1. Another chinese-made Lotus? No, thank you. Plus, both electric are just ugly I can only hope that's not going to be the case when they introduce their sportscars, but since their aim is "porsche fighter", I'm already prepared for the dissapointment to continue I feel like the brand most of us fell in love with has just ended. Elise, Exige, Evora are the cars that will only go up in value and love
  2. Yeah, the car is still for sale... I just learnt that Winter is the WORST time to sale an Exige But since, I'm not in rush, I don't care...
  3. Quick video from my last visit at Snetterton. First time in the Exige First time properly at Snetterton too
  4. When I try to close my car from the key, it beeps at me loud (3x 2 beeps) and doesn't close the car. Somehow, when I got home and close it, it was all ok... After two hours, the alarm kicked in. I turned it off and the car didn't want to close again. Video with beeping attached. Any suggestions? 20220917_141002.mp4
  5. Just got myself an Exige V6 for a change. My 5th Lotus so far (3x elises, exige s2 and now exige s3). A few photos of the new Storm Trooper
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CZANE-5s80y/ this must be one of the best colours for Elise
  7. the car looks amazing. Micheal sent me some pictures from before, in progress and after. The PPF looks stuning, which means, not visible Great choice of colour!
  8. "And when you start compulsory vaccines policy " - when that happens, it will be my first time in London at protests. Never done that before And I will encourage everybody I know to join.
  9. A few shots from me from our session at Lotus Silverstone. 👍
  10. Doesn't have to be coffee... I actually don't drink coffee at all I've got 9999 to left, at the moment Hopefully it will speed up a little bit later... otherwise it will take me much longer than 70 years.
  11. I need help guys!!!! I thought it will be good to start here too as I love Lotus(es) and I've been on this forum now for 10 years and I still barely know anybody in the real life. Let's have a coffee and be awkward together. What is 10K Coffees? It’s a 45 minutes meeting between you and me in a coffee shop, which is an opportunity for us to meet someone new, learn their story and enjoy a hot beverage in good company. No hidden agenda, no expectations, no drama. Let’s chat. We can talk about our work, projects, hobbies, challenges… and if you don’t feel comfortable, we can even talk about the weather, but that would be a little bit of wasted opportunity, right? In case you were wondering about 10K in the name, that’s how many people I would like to meet throughout this journey 🙂 More details here and you can directly book time for 27th Nov or 11th Dec (two dates I set up for this year)... 2022 coming soon https://www.andrewwinnicki.com/10k-coffees/
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