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  1. First service was £506 as shown in my latest video. Overall, relative to performance, I believe that is acceptable. What happens when/if things go wrong in 1 to 3 more years would just be speculation but a longer term Evora owner might be able to shed some light on longer term running costs and what tends to need work.
  2. No! Makes sense though. The magic of Lotus.
  3. Lovely! Given your history with the marque, after 1000 miles with the Emira, I would be very keen to hear your thoughts on the relative strengths and weaknesses. The Emira really got better and better from Day and certainly after a 2k miles and then again with the Larini exhaust. I've never known a car that gets better and better like this.
  4. Not been here for a while. I hope you are all well and are either enjoying your own Emira or shaking in excitement with one on the horizon! I remain a stunned fan of the Emira. It has actually, simply, gotten better and better over each passing month. I feel like I am in a special club, party to a secret, as an Emira owner. I still honestly believe Lotus got it bang on right, yes, even the power. The is so perfect for the roads and a beast on track. Nothing has gone wrong with mine and it is just one smile after another. The only elements of non-perfection is that the car gets filthy down the sides easily and the stereo starts as soon as you unlock the car. Yes, hardly a real concern. Knowing what I know, feeling what I feel, I cannot believe people are not falling over themselves trying to buy this car (there are plenty for sale used in the UK). The attention is amazing. Most people still have no idea what it is, just that it looks like a supercar, and then some. Women stop and stare, kids point and men creak their necks. Nearly all look at the badge - though it is clear what the car is from the plate. :giggle: My mad Larini exhaust system helps in that regards and has made the car faster. I will share these thoughts across the other forums. If you want to watch the update video then it is here. As always, am happy to answer any questions about the car. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZe9Ru8tXpw
  5. Great to see you again Jon. Your car looks Epic with the gold stripes. Great job. Glad GVE gave you a good service. Your car should stay as pristine as it looked today. Your feedback in the suspension was very interesting and aligned with my previous thoughts. The new exhaust does indeed howl. Can't wait for it to bed in but surely it can't sound better. 😁
  6. Ah cool. Look out for when I get my full exhaust system and you can pop round and hear it! 😄
  7. AH, you are in Weybridge near me. You may have seen me in one of my car terrorising the high street then. 😄
  8. It is a stealth PPF. Took away a lot of the metallic fleck. I was a bit taken aback at first glance. However, in the flesh, it really does something amazing with the curves. People were loving it at Supercar Fest. At some point, it will be next to the original colour, or many of them, and perhaps stand out! we will see. Ah yeah. I got diverted after a road closure I think. Was I speeding? I took it easy on the way home. Alas, I still have not got my full exhaust system - missing a needed part so will go back for fitting in 2 weeks or so.
  9. Fine now. I am getting the whole car checked at B&C anyway - needs an update, pad looked at and the usual electrical gremlins.
  10. Ah ha! M1 or M25? I was at Donnington on my first track day! I will paste in what I put in the EF. This is me, much relieved after surviving the track day unscathed. Yeah , yeah... I know.... You thought this was Tom Cruise in Top Gun on the runway. 😬 I will go into the details , with full track action, in the video but, in short: The car is a weapon around bends - even on Goodyears Acceleration out of bends is not amazing BUT the grip helps out Missed a few gears - of course Engine gets hot! Makes a great noise Hits the rev limited A LOT! The brakes start off great and go downhill fast - well, they seem to lose their bite but you do stop, just a tad scary I don't like other cars around me Oh, and the most important thing... NO CAYMANS OVERTOOK ME
  11. Yes, that will be what happens to over half of Emira owners. I do actually think you will NEVER get the value back from doing a PPF. It is not about that. If they can live with the blemishes than that is great. I couldn't. If I had the black-pack gloss roof, I would, at the very least, PPF that. When we have a few hundred cars with over 2500 miles we will start to see whether this is really worth talking about.
  12. I am too lazy. I am hoping a foam and spray will now suffice. The emira really suffers on the rear hind, the side skirts and the rear (musty be aerodynamics). It as been a drama keeping clean. It was winter of course. Nobody really needs to PPF or ceramic coat a car. We don't have enough data yet on the robustness of the paint on an emira but I was just in a position to take that worry away.
  13. I expect to spend £80K and have a car that does NOT need a detail or the brakes redone as it has been left standing for too long! Nobody should have to detail a new car when they get it. It should either be done at the factory or during PDI at the agent. The orange peel is bad but at least it can be sorted. It is, I believe, just the lacquer anyway Weirdly, the paint on the cars I originally saw twice at the factory didn't seem to have this but then again I was not picking it up and going over the car with a fine toothcomb. Again, they might not have been lacquered. Apart from that, the paint itself is magnificent in tone.
  14. The paint, straight out of the factory, is not as good as we hoped. A detail is all that is actually needed. I went much further than I had to, likely over-protective but I am delighted with the result and can finally sleep easy driving it.
  15. Ha. It is the opposite. The paint is much smoother. I am definitely realising that you can't see the vast improvements over the standard paint in film and image. Be interesting to get a report back from other owners on what a detailer thinks when they show it to them. I miss everything as I am not a details person but I am expecting some horror stories.
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