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  1. I am also 6' but I have a long back (only 30" inside leg) so probably equivalent of 6'3". My head is very similar position to Harry's even with the seat base on the lowest setting.
  2. It will vary by market as taxation is very different between countries
  3. Looks will get boring ! It's not a VW Golf! The true Lotus enthusiasts were not buying the Evora in any numbers, The order book for the Emira is longer than all of the Evoras ever made. Go figure.
  4. Well one picture doesn't tell the whole story. The quality of the leather, the solidity, lack of rattles all much better. Have you driven one yet?
  5. It looks like Harry is similar to me - that headrest position is dangerous in a rear end shunt! It needs to be 15cm higher at least.
  6. Having driven a production car today seats may be a deal breaker for me - headrest is in the nape of my neck! The headrest needs to be adjustable and the seats need to go lower.
  7. I got my chance to drive the Emira today thanks to Rybrook Lotus in Bristol. Most things have been covered but as a previous Elise (S1 and S2) plus Evora driver there are a few things I noticed. The car feels like a grown up Elise rather than a facelifted Evora. The difference from the Evora is very substantial IMHO. Gearbox is fine (not perfect but not a problem) the interior quality is a huge leap forward compared to anything Lotus have done before. The leather quality (Bridge of Weir) is much better than the old cow in my Evora. Ergonomics are OK but the car feels quite compact and headroom will be a problem for some. There is no way I would be able to wear a helmet in the car. The seat position and adjustment is good but it is overall set too high. I am only 6' tall ( shortish legs and long back) but there was only an inch headroom above me. The seat headrest is far too low and only sits in the nape of my neck with no adjustment. The bolstering is not as significant as my Evora was (or even my Mustang is). The low dash scuttle just seems to emphasise the high driving position. There is a wind noise problem at the top trailing edge of the door, which seems to originate from the door seal design - but as these dealer demos are not customer cars it may have been changed. It is certainly significant at motorway speed and the biggest source of noise right by your ear. Engine is plenty powerful enough for the road, but certainly quieter than the Evora. The most significant difference is the handling and ride. Wow. This had the touring setup, but the ride was astonishing, handling just as good as the Evora but rolling refinement a huge improvement. No ARB knocking or general NVH problems - as good as any car on the road. Steering a little less frenetic than the Evora and less tramlining. Some may see this as less exciting, but in reality it moves the car on towards a much wider audience. Everything worked, but I did trigger the indicator with my knee once somehow! Central screen is too dim in the sunny weather we encountered for about 5 minutes! Jonathon at Rybrook did mention that if you are not fussed too much about spec then Lotus CS can put you on the cancelation list which could mean a much quicker delivery. They have done over 100 test drives now, so multiply that up by the number of dealers to get an idea of UK demand. I think Lotus have just about delivered 100 UK customer cars. I'm a way off delivery yet so will probably want to look again before final purchase to see if any of the peeves are fixed.
  8. Interesting view. Dr Campbell does seem on occasions to get a bit skewed in his opinions which is a shame because most of his videos are very good.
  9. I can only speak from experience of my Evora S. The heat control was full on or if you rotated it 10% colder it went to nothing. Cold draught in the footwell was a known problem with pre 400 cars Evora footwell and gearbox tunnel draught - TechWiki (seloc.org) AC was fine, unlike the Elise
  10. Just a shame the physical controls on the Evora never seemed to be connected to anything! Heat was on or off, cold draught in the footwell and a fan that sounded like a learjet
  11. Liver stiffness: a novel parameter for the diagnosis of liver disease - PMC (nih.gov)
  12. You are not supposed to get a booster until at least 8 weeks after a case of COVID. You will have good immunity from the recent case for that period.
  13. It is exactly like the flu jab. The only issue is the potential non fatal sequelae of COVID are more varied and unpleasant especially in the unvaccinated. COVID can do a LOT of damage in some people even in ways that do not seem obvious.
  14. The vaccine has never been sterilising. As in unlike some vaccines which effectively prevent you ever getting the disease or passing it on. There are many reasons for this but a major factor is that the virus mutates all the time so isn't the same as the original strain. The vaccine does however provide good protection against serious illness and death. There are also different stages to the protection, initially antibody based but these wane and cellular immunity takes over. This is slower to respond to a challenge but does work. We will all get COVID multiple times over and over but it will be no more significant than a cold in most people now they have good immunity. Getting COVID keeps topping this up. Lockdowns and the like were needed to slow the transmission before we had good vaccines. Once we had the vaccines we then move to controlled spread, which is what we have now. If you go to a busy indoor place now you will encounter COVID pretty much every time, but the challenge will keep stimulating your immune system to keep you topped up! I'm sure I have had COVID multiple times, almost all of them mild to non existent symptom wise and rarely testing positive. Some people definitely have more severe symptoms every time they get it (as in a bad cold type thing) but this may reflect their general immune state. Don't underestimate the value of a good mixed diet, Vitamin C and Vitamin D on the immune system
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