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  1. Renewal quote for my GR Yaris came in today, gone up from £198 to £340 (no changes to risk or cover). Quick look on comparison sites is bringing in quotes at £250 cheapest so not too bad I guess.
  2. Turns out that this very car is for sale on Autotrader, it's the stupidly priced IPS V6S at £50K 😆 I sold that car last October (not to these clowns though) for £38K, which was about the right price IMHO
  3. I know it went through Jon at some point but I bought it privately. Most of the black wrap had already been removed and I took off the remaining sections - around the back lights and under the spoiler. I also got rid of the smoked back lights (absolute pain in the arse job that was!) and the window tints. I sort of wish I hadn't sold it
  4. Yes, the K430 kit was fitted by Hangar, done by a previous owner, and it was indeed a solar yellow coupe! I really liked that car and wanted to keep it, but my garage was full and I couldn't bear to leave it outside over winter so I sold it
  5. Did Hangar do the gearbox/LSD/driveshaft work mentioned in the advert? Not part of the usual 430 kit I believe so what's the story? Despite my earlier post I actually quite like the car, I've previously owned a K430 IPS Exige and it was ok, just not as much fun as a manual. Mine was a coupe in a great colour and I paid a lot less than they are asking for this one!
  6. Various factors at work that knock the desirability/price of the silver V6 Auto.... Obviously it's an auto - not well regarded on an Exige, knock off around £5K from coupe prices straight away It's a roadster - typically another few £K cheaper than a coupe The interior and exterior colours are not the most sought after The paintwork is showing some damage on the air intake on one side The 430 kit will put some people off, it makes insurance more difficult/expensive and people generally prefer a car to be 'standard' Finally, the car was originally listed (many moons ago) at a frankly ridiculous £50K and has dropped bit by bit over time to where it sits now - not a great sign to buyers. If they pull another £2K off it then it will be priced about right and it will likely sell quickly, or maybe someone will come along at £40K when the weather picks up? They've waited this long, I guess they may as well sweat it out 😄 I notice that another (similarly deluded) trader has listed a similar (but coupe) IPS for £50K - good luck with that one guys, you'd better hope that an uninformed punter who doesn't know the market wanders into your place with cash burning a hole in his/her pocket. 😆
  7. If I leave mine in Tour by mistake I always notice the more 'lazy' throttle respons and quickly rectify my error. The car feels a lot more sprightly and playful in Sport 👍
  8. No, I've ordered some new wheels only because I'm an idiot, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the two sets that I already have for the car 😄 As Dave says, I understand that you can run the wider tyres on the narrow rims if that's what you have.
  9. Tyres - if your Elise is mainly for road use then the Yokohama V105 is a very good all rounder and a decent price. I recently bought a full set for £350 including delivery from Camskill. It will cost me a further £50 to get them fitted by my trusted local fitter (ZERO wheel damage!) so that's £400 all in 👌 I'm waiting for some new wheels to try out the tyres for myself but I know of a few Elise owners that are using them for normal/fast road use (and even the occassional track day) and I've heard many positive comments. I understand that the sidewalls are very slightly softer than some track tyres so you might lose a tiny bit of 'feel' but the flip side is the ride will probably improve a bit.
  10. Whaaaaat - nooooo, I cannot believe that this old chestnut is back I hope that's now the full extent of the problem and that you get it sorted ✌️
  11. Pre-reveal deposit here so been waiting for 2 years, confirmed July build for one of the first i4 cars, now subjected to the price increase I've thrown my toys out of the pram and cancelled my order I really don't think that Lotus will care one tiny bit
  12. Nooooooooo Scotty 😭 I will miss the growl of your 410 on Sunday morning runs round the Peaks ☹️ Macca looks great though, fab colour. Congrats! 🙂
  13. I agree, c£10K over list is perfect and frankly quite encouraging considering the time of year and the state of the economy etc. Looking ahead a bit, there is no way that Lotus will be able to keep the new car prices as they are now. If waiting lists stay healthy and inflation stays high then some chunky rises are on the way, which will of course bolster the s/h market. Looking longer term, what was the list price of a LE Evora - £50K? A decent example will still fetch high £20s, so that's less than £2K per year depreciation. An absolute bargain for a car like this 👍 And even longer term, there's the petrolheads' problem looming of 'can't buy a new ICE car anymore' - who knows what that's going to do? Oh sod it, just buy one and enjoy it while we can 😄
  14. Had a test drive today - I can confirm that the steering is a highlight of the car, it's superb 👍
  15. It's time we got the message - they are not interested in impressing us Lotus fanboys, they are looking at a different market - people who want something that looks a bit fancy and expensive but can be used a practical daily. The video is clumsy, but there's no mistaking its intent. Hairdressers can apply here........oh wait......I have a deposit down 🤣
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