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  1. Interesting point about keeping separate I hadn’t considered. I didn’t ask for the tracker but ended up getting it (long boring story) it’s a bit faffy. If the app can work reliably in place of the tracker that’s a perfect solution. noting none of the pictures have Emira keys! That the problem a key “ring” is too rigid. Those little tie toggles should be idea or a paracord one maybe.
  2. The fob is a chunky boi, and I have the tracker so also have a completely separate fob that has to live with the key. Any suggestions for key rings, what are people using?
  3. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/2019-lotus-elise-sport-220-1?utm_source=transactional&utm_medium=sms&utm_campaign=comingSoonVendor Selling my Elise now that the Emira has finally arrived! Beautiful condition inside and out. Let me know if you want any specific details, most important details are in the advert (when it goes live this week) The car is in Cheltenham
  4. Got the checkout email! Website is stuck on step 3 and won’t let me checkout!!! I’m going nuts.
  5. What’s people’s experience at the checkout process. I’ve been told checkout in June and deliver in July. But I’m getting nervous at more slippages. is it exactly one month between getting the final checkout email and arranging a delivery date? Or is it more flexible that that? other than the final emails is there any clue in the my-lotus portal that things are progressing? so close yet seems still so far away now…
  6. Spotted a stunning yellow exige today at about 1500 on the ashchurch drag. I was in the Red Elise Sport. We exchanged a flash and a nod 😎
  7. Interesting, the placebo effect is strong. Thanks 😊
  8. Hi, simple question, what does the Sport button actually change? From what I can tell when driving it brings more throttle to the top of the pedal travel, and although maybe placebo effect seems to run a different map with a little more fuelling and hence burble and pops from exhaust. Is that about right or is there more subtle magic to it than that?
  9. Haha Jon you know my view on gloss black wheels! Each to their own - I hope your new owner is pleased with them; but diamond cut with gloss black background is my worst nightmare. To me that car looks like a Matchbox toy 🫢 I switched from diamond cut to silver wheels on my Emira at the last minute before locking config and every time I see a picture of the silver wheels I’m more and more relieved!!
  10. I passed a very clean and shiny Exige on the Gloucester Road off the Tewkesbury road junction on Saturday 25th, afternoon. I’m afraid I don’t know the name of the colour of yours, a silvery goldy pearlescent look. I was in the red Elise sport 220! I received a big smile and a thumbs up, nice to see more Lotus models ojt and about in Cheltenham Ali
  11. Yeah it seems this is _the_ tracking system now.
  12. Rybrook Bristol said to me they use Topaz locally, which is a big name. Big price too.
  13. So… When I rang customer services first time, the person thought I was describing the email that was asking for the second payment. Hence ignoring it. I called again and the person said “oh yes you definitely have to go into the portal and check / change / confirm or you won’t be included in the June builds. I described to him how ridiculous the comms are getting and he agreed. The customer services team were caught out by the new portal and tracking system. But - a very interesting point, they told me that at this point, the config CAN be changed if it’s locked in by the deadline!!! So having locked in last year and told any minor change would be a delay, that’s now not the case. or maybe it is the case and they were wrong again. Let’s see!
  14. Has anyone else had an email saying “it’s now time to configure?” I locked in my config last year so I rang customer services. They’re using a new system and they said an email was sent to all deposit holders even the ones that are already set. advice was to ignore the email. But now there’s a chaser saying if you don’t do it you’ll miss the June build (where mine is supposed to be!) - makes me very uncomfortable that there’s two systems and they’re not correctly registered with customer builds…
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