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  1. Have you tried getting out of the car, locking it, unlocking, getting back in and then trying to start it ? I'm not being funny here. I had this a few times on mine, and after doing the above the vehicle has started Ok. It's my firm belief that it's a software issue. I've no real hard evidence for this, but for me, I only started experiencing the 'not starting' problem after the dealer had, amongst other things, performed various software updates to the vehicle, including one for the engine ECU. Coincidence ? Maybe, Maybe not.
  2. Thanks for that Bibs. As you say the handbook isn't a lot of help really. Telling you not to block the sensors, but not telling you where they are !! I was hoping to avoid another trip to the dealers, it's already been off the road for 3 months while Lotus got their rear in gear and supplied a replacement heater resistor pack, and I've only recently got it back. 😡
  3. Does anyone know the location of the dimming sensors for the interior rear view and door mirrors ? The reason I ask is that I'm not sure they are working on my Emira. When out at night, the headlights of following vehicles can be really quite distracting, particularly from the door mirrors. I've tried changing the setting in the centre display, but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Thanks John
  4. Mine was from Lotus Cars, but that was 12 months ago.
  5. You could always contact Lotus and see if they have one available in your chosen spec. If they do, then you get one earlier and at the lower price.
  6. JohnGB

    Lotus Emira

    The Nimbus Grey one has the Sports suspension set-up.
  7. The price increase doesn't apply to existing orders. Edit. Just seen the post on the other thread, it looks like it might depend on order date ?
  8. I got the same email yesterday. My car is supposed to be January build, February delivery. Maybe they are sending them out a little early because of the Christmas holidays ?
  9. Got my email today, confirming the car was scheduled for a January build. (9th July deposit). Which actually tallies with what I was told by customer care a few weeks ago, although personally I wouldn't be too bothered if it slipped a (little) bit for a March delivery.
  10. Same Email for me, so November delivery. I wonder, if I did delay delivery until March/April, what would happen to the car in the meantime ? If it's just going to end up stuck in a field somewhere for 5/6 months, then I think I would rather have it sat on my drive.
  11. This is the wording from the email I received today (2nd Feb), and also what I was told during my phone call. Please be aware that you can still make changes to your configuration before the 4th of February, however any changes after this date will most likely delay your delivery by a month. This is subject to change.
  12. Just had my call. First deposit paid 9th July, August delivery. Any spec changes after 4th Feb will probably incur a one month delay.
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