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  1. If you waited until everything was perfect you'd never sell them!
  2. I'm selling my dream car. A head over heart decision. After thirteen years I'll part company with it. It's just on forums atm as I ideally want someone in the Lotus community to take it on. Its on the Lotus for sale site linked to this forum. My Esprit journey started on this forum researching and waiting for these rare cars to come up, so it'll probably end here too!! 😀
  3. Having issues. Both brake lights were out. I had a short on the brake light circuit which was in the LHS light cluster where the live brake light feed wire was shorting on a mounting bolt. This was rectified and a new brake light switch fitted as the original one had overheated presumably due to the short. On fitting the new switch the lights now come on all the time. Only disconnecting the switch will turn off the brake lights. I assumed a faulty switch, even though testing with a multimeter showed it was ok. New switch, from a different source, fitted today and still the lights are on all the time. Any ideas.
  4. I agree if you have a large deposit a standard structured loan is best. But PCP are cost effective for low deposits. Car manufacturers like them as they shorter the change cycle not because the customer pays the depreciation. Cash for a better deal ended 20+ years ago. Its actually illegal to offer a different price just because of how an asset is funded. Baically fully understand all the options and pick the one that suits your circumstances.
  5. PCPs are usually set to work bet with a minimal deposit. Historically they were set up to give enough equity over the GFV (final payment) to roughly give the same deposit if the car is part exchanged on the next car. This is why they exist. There are two other options; 1) hand back, which should only be exercised if you have negative equity at the end, in this case you would then "lose" your deposit, but effectively the finance company are clearing your negative equity. 2) Pay the GFV and own the car. As car companies want you to use PCP they usually have a lower rate. If you want to own the car ultimately, to get the best deal use the PCP then set up either a saving plan to clear the GFV in 3 or 4 year or whatever period your PCP is over. Or simply finance the GFV with a low rate personal loan. The down side of an HP is that if the car depreciates more than usual you have no protection other than your rights under consumer finance law.
  6. Hi Scott Mine is an S1 so no cats or wonderful thinks such as that. In the end mine appears to have been a cheap rotor arm which was breaking down under heat. Mark
  7. I think the MOT has lost its relevance over the years in any case. It is a very basic test and from a safety point of view; brakes, tyres etc these are areas where any Classic owner would be sorting in any case. It's job in current times is with ensuring owners of 5 -20 year old cars don't scrimp on these areas to save money. As well as policing emissions in the greener world we now live in. For most of us classic owners the MOT was a box ticking exercise for our cars and has never brought any issues up.
  8. The red rotor arm sorted it for me. I to had replaced my rotor arm with one from a local motor factor but the red one from that website sorted it. My symptoms were exactly as yours. If that doesn't work try your fuel pump. But the rotor arm is the cheaper option. I did it the other way round ?
  9. Hi there all I'm running out of adjustment on my gear linkage. I've had to lengthen and shorten the linkage periodically over the years as the engine mounts have done what Esprit engine mounts do! I couldn't get first yesterday, the typical symton I got when the engine mounts were on the way out, but the engine mount has recently been changed, so I put it down to "settling". On trying to adjust (shorten) the linkage I needed to remove the locking nut to be able to shorten the linkage enough to select first. A couple of questions 1. Is there any where else that the length of the linkage can be adjusted and if so how do you get to it 2.Any ideas of what may cause this other than the engine mounts. The linkage "rubbers" are ok Ta Mark
  10. Hi need some advice. I've just ordered a new fuel pump from SJs and asked if it was a straight swap. He said the "one with the banjo fitting needs some thinking about" as that's not a straight swap. I was hoping someone on here had already done some thinking and had a solution!! Thanks Mark
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