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  1. Tuesday 23rd? @peteyg to suggest pub with beer that meets his approval.
  2. Life's a beach (well quayside, perhaps)? Looks great. Better view than mine at present, althougth the sun is shining outside!
  3. "Our trip was cut into 2, with a journey south in the Eletre R and the return journey in the Eletre S. The Eletre R is the top of the 3 model range" You did mean Emeya, didn't you? What a great write up and analysis of the cars from someone we all trust to talk sensibly about Lotus. Thanks, Bibs.
  4. Capital letters are important too: Would you like to help your Uncle Jack off his horse or..................
  5. It is similar to Laon. Some of us went there last year.
  6. Is anyone else going?
  7. Wait until it takes over your (new) car.......... Oops! Too late!
  8. So sorry to hear that, @Sparky. Let's hope it is all upwards movement from now (and no, that is not a reference to vomiting or your intestine at all!)
  9. Hire a portable winch to move it initially? Someone with one on their car, maybe?
  10. Time for one in June, people? The Bear and Ragged Staff seems quite popular. Any dates anyone? Tuesday 4th?
  11. We have been having an irregular meeting for some time now! Time for one in June, people? The Bear and Ragged Staff seems quite popular.
  12. My analogue Esprit is getting more valuable........
  13. Sticker over the camera? My dad used to do that over the fog lamp indicator light because he did not understand what the light was for. He used to turn it on with his knee every time he got in the car.
  14. Not quite sure what that will do to those with range anxiety!
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