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  1. Harry fairly regularly says things and then corrects them with an on-screen graphic...I personally wouldn't read too much into half Vs sixty odd %
  2. Still no reply from CS to my follow up email, but spoke to someone from "Lotus Group" today, chasing me to complete checkout as my car is built and ready for delivery, and he said all FEs get track mode. He said there was a software bug and some cars had been sent out with it. He was totally unaware that I had outstanding questions with CS.
  3. Had a busy few days so only just got around to sending the email. Will update when I get a reply.
  4. Thanks. I'll reply to CS with this screenshot from the Lotus website, seems pretty clear to me that it should be included...
  5. @TomEwhat are your thoughts on Track mode being included on FE's with Touring suspension? Everything I've seen suggests it's part of the driver's pack, which is included with the FE, and includes the choice of Touring suspension. But I test drove the car at Silverstone, on Touring suspension, and it only had tour and sport mode. The agent confirmed no track mode with Touring suspension and CS have said the same on email today. Meanwhile the website continues to suggest the complete opposite!
  6. I'm down for Nov build/Dec delivery and couldn't get a test drive slot last night...just sent CS an email asking how they're going to rectify that before they get in touch expecting me to commit to the car.
  7. I don't work in automotive, but an educated guess based on my engineering background; the Certificate of Conformity (CofC) is a Lotus document to certify that a particular item (in this case your car) has been built in accordance with a particular design standard. The design standard will have separately been qualified, tested and certified to have been fit for purpose. I believe it would be the design standard that is submitted for the "Type approval" that Lotus have been rumoured to have been waiting for. I would say the CofC itself is unlikely to be the cause of any delays. What is probably the more interesting piece of information on the CofC is the entry under line 0.11; "Conforms in all respects....". That reference appears to be to the "Type approval" and was approved on the 3rd August 2022. You'd have to ask Lotus how much of the 2 month between receiving type approval and manufacturing your car is down to a paperwork exercise and how much is down to parts shortages or other delays.
  8. I've just landed at Heathrow to 2 emails and a follow up voicemail from customer care. The number was an 0330 number though, not the number in the email.
  9. Is the first one to drive off shadow grey or DV??
  10. Looks like Top Gear is back on the 5th but not clear what's in the first episode
  11. I was holding out for 88mph in the hope I'd get a glimpse into the future and be able to grab some photos of the FE colours that I could post on here
  12. Not sure if this helps, but here's a photo I took sat in the show car (had the i4 shifter) at hethel. No idea if the pedals were representative of the production and not used to driving an auto. The biggest thing I noticed was the seat position felt closer to the centre console than the door, putting my left leg closer to the console than ideal. I questioned the seating position and was told it would be further outboard for production. No idea if I believe that though given some of the other answers I got have turned out to be wrong.
  13. Agreed! I also think they look worse than the show car seats!
  14. So many simple solutions to the problem, yet lotus seem intent on concealing the information. Meanwhile, and this is the part I think is really disgraceful behaviour, they're happily willing to charge people money to see cars in all sorts of unfinished/non-production standards in the factory!
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