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Community Answers

  1. Interesting decision to throw the driver to the dogs... Obvs will stop anyone worrying about a potential glitch in the matrix.
  2. Well I do cos we had its stablemate 4 door version, the Ford Consul Classic (with the reverse slope rear screen) when I was a little younger...not much more than 60 years ago.😀
  3. Here's a repost of my Monaco White photo from the 2010 TLF Stand at the NEC. Lionel is code A21. Ken's S1 probably the same. Cliff's S4s more likely L25. No idea about Bahar's V8 code. And another taken down at SWLC a few years back
  4. Not heard of that one Keith, thanks - will try to get down for a look before August.
  5. This in spades Barry. Clearly everlasting continual growth effectively reduces debt and allows us all to live beyond our means. But that comes at the cost of ever increasing population, consumption and resource depletion. Currently there's still a fair bit of the world who are catching up, but they're all coming on fast so growth in the long term is simply not possible (ignoring the potential for other life forms and/or other planets for us to exploit). But we're very short termist and greedy and greed drives incredibly hard. Early in the last millennia when I was taught economics and accountancy there was a pricing model that essentially said look at costs/overheads and add (say) 13% profit to fix your price. But current method pricing is just whatever the market will stand so multi 100 % mark ups are now expected and common place and rarely has much to do with costs, just greed. It was all laid out starkly to me when John Harvey Jones went to Morgan in 2000 and tried to disrupt their business. Yes there was obvious nonsense with the factory layout and other issues - but the fundamental thing he couldn't get his head round was that they weren't interested in growth. They had a business which produced a niche product at a rate that demand outstripped supply enough to keep prices profitable with a long enough waiting list to confirm ongoing business. The owners made a (very) good living, were proud of their company, workforce, and product, but they weren't oligarchs. JHJ clearly thought they should be trying to become richer - he had absolutely no concept of how much is "enough", or the contentment that can come from factors other than wealth. My guess is we won't learn to appreciate that stuff until we have to - which, given the exponential nature of these things, I'm expecting will be before the end of this century. In some ways it can't come soon enough but it will be a very unpleasant ride while the adjustments are made (think world war 3) so I'm hoping its after my alloted time.
  6. I'm not on FB either Mike, so only get to see stuff that Keith cross posts - or in this case Russ. I am a member of CL but I dont know that anyone who attends the meets would know that. I've been to a few Avon area talks organised by Rob Ford and SW area meets mostly set up by Mick or Ray who often combine CL and LDC as they are members of both! They're a friendly bunch so I expect that just about anyone is more than welcome, especially if they have a Lotus, but I doubt even that is a prerequisite if there's genuine interest on the marque.
  7. Hmmm! so you're still not down to a semi-colon; have experienced a miracle and have been ordered to take on extended R&R. Sounds like you're living the dream - if a little bored, which is handy for me. Given that, ironically, you can't be handy - that will give you plenty of time for me to pick your brains with a car issue. You'll have post...
  8. Hopefully not on the sheets - but at least it would prove that bits still working.
  9. Well you're right about the Urraco influence. There was a big feature on it in Absolute Lotus 37 (Mar/Apr 2024). It was an Excel and the owner spent 18 years doing the 89 changes. Interesting story and very nicely engineered and finished - but as ever, in the end a marmite creation. Of no consequence as its his car and what he wanted. ...and nice pictures Mark, thanks for sharing. The first must have been of the parade lap queue as Gary's balding head is in the driving seat alongside some handsome devil. Sorry I missed you. I been meaning to ask you for some years...(odd question I know!) do you have a trouser belt with a Mustang seatbelt buckle? I had one bought for me many years ago so its well used, but as I know you're a Mustang enthusiast I've always wondered if you'd like it? Obvs not if you've already got one or think its naff. Anyway PM me your address if you do want it and I'll pop it in the post.
  10. Good to hear that Bob-bitt the dust. Only worry now is if Tracy changes her name to Lorena...
  11. Yes I'm impressed - but given that I can't ever get a doctor's appointment to get to the starting gate I'm less impressed with how it works in Somerset. Good, in a way I suppose, that it works if you're really ill - but not if you're just mildly inconvenienced like me. The downside is that with that sort of service you know you must be really ill...I'll stick with just the minor stuff and lousy service I think!
  12. I've not heard, but probably wouldn't given I haven't got one! Best option is to speak to Alan Morgan at Club Lotus (01362 694459) - its their day and they say who gets special treatment etc. Would be great to see a load of wedges there.
  13. So what dooo you call a drowning man...? Put that shake to use - get some rattle cans and respray. 👍
  14. Great to see you both on the tele @kimbers and a wonderful story. What an amazing job Brenton did on the car. (Slight aside off topic, but I've always wondered how The Repair Shop works Tony - I'm guessing you approach and if they like your story/item you get selected...but do you then pay for time/materials or just hand it over and they put in whatever's needed?)
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