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Which (If any) Chip would you run? S4S


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S4S - has 3 inch cat-less exhaust, alunox manifold, BOV, larger 2ndry injectors (RC)....

I was going to run Chip 3 - high torque as I won't track it much....

Is there a better chip for my set up? Or should I play it safe and stick with the stock map?

Thanks for any input!


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16 hours ago, pureguava said:

I was going to run Chip 3 - high torque as I won't track it much....

I ran that chip in my S4s & she would spin the wheels in third on a good dry road when the turbo started boosting, great fun but had to be bery careful in the wet. 😃


John W

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I have a chip No.3 fitted. My main reason for fitting it was to smooth out the GM stumble that I had with the standard S4s chip. It makes things slightly more lively, but not ridiculously so, and I have to say that I’m very pleased with it. I didn’t go any further up the numerical chip tree, because the GM MAP sensor cannot read beyond 1 bar of turbo boost, and I didn’t want to risk damage to my engine. I think that if you get beyond that boost figure, you’re into the unknown, and a stand-alone ECU is arguably the next step. Any more torque, and it’s time to look at the gearbox, too.

Margate Exotics.

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Hey, with accl. pedal half way to the floor and 0.7 bar I'm already flying at a ridiculous (scary) speed with stock chip, (but w/gutted triple ball bearing turbo).

With "normal" driving you may never reach 0.9Bar!  Unless...you rent a runway at the local airport, LOL.

PS. Pitch the POS OEM restrictive turbo, than no need for chip.

BTW, I have one modified turbo available for sale. Looks very innocent, completely "stock"...until you open it. PM me, if interested.


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