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Community Answers

  1. That blocked out plate looks a bit too large to be from the US.
  2. "The parts manufacturer was changed in late 2013 and any Evora's produced after that time should have the new wiring harness and therefore should not experience these types of issues." That's interesting since there have been at least a few GTs ('20 and '21) that needed new harnesses. https://www.lotustalk.com/threads/engine-wiring-harness-replacement-2020-2021.487518/ https://www.lotustalk.com/threads/understanding-the-evora-alarm.483516/#post-6095409 https://www.lotustalk.com/threads/evora-gt-wiring-harness.540723/
  3. For what its worth... from the earlier Evora Service Manual: The exhausts primary flow path is through a multi chamber silencing system designed to reduce noise emissions from the exhaust gas. This silencing system generates excessive back pressure at higher engine rpm (and power) which could damage the engine. Therefore, Lotus has engineered a second flow path (by-pass system) that is controlled by a valve. When this valve is open the exhaust gas passes through only a small part of the silencing system before exiting the tailpipes and with the reduced back pressure this offers, allows the engine to safely generate full power. This valve is known as the Engine Protection Valve (EP Valve).
  4. If you have a 2012+ the heat exchanger feed and return should be the metal version.
  5. Hard to say from a sound clip on the internet. But, possibly the start of idler pulley, tensioner or belt squeal?
  6. The car has to be happy with the brake switch position. Lotus states to start at 5 clicks out (of course, they set it up while hooked to their computer). For the rest of us, its trial and error to get it correct. My first replacement switch made the car happy with the plunger at 5 clicks. My last two switches needed 7 clicks out for the car to be happy. If the issue was the brake switch and you have it to the proper setting, the lights will go out after the 5th key cycle.
  7. Have you tried a hard reboot? On the earlier models, there was a very small hole on the face to stick a paper clip into and it would reboot. I think on your model, you reset using the paper clip stuck in the little hole behind the removable buttons.
  8. Yes, it can be tied to the door latch microswitch. However, you can generally tell that from the lack of door ajar image in the dash when you open the door (or the image is always on when the door is closed).
  9. If your car has the power steering cooling pipe in front of the AC condenser, is it possible they removed it while installing the new radiator? If so, there probably is still air in the line and the steering needs to be re-bled. I had air in the line after my AC condenser replacement and had to repeatedly bleed the system to stop the jerky steering. It took over ten times of bleeding. The last time I had to bleed the system (another AC condenser replacement) it only took 1 attempt.
  10. "The single throttle butterfly valve mounted at the inlet to the intake plenum is operated by a stepper motor under the command of the engine ECU. The valve moves through a range of nearly 90° and should display 100% at full throttle and around 2% at idle."
  11. This is what I used before the lift. Note that I used a modified wheel dolly (that I mounted onto a spare floor jack saddle). But a board would do the same thing.
  12. You can jack the rear lift point and place a stand under the front lift point. Then, if you have a second floor jack, you can place it under the rear tire (which would already be up in the air) with a small board and jack the rear tire to remove the first jack and replace with a jack stand. Just make sure you are doing it on level ground with the other side chocked. And, obviously do not go under the vehicle until it is fully supported on the stands. Before I bought my 4 post lift, that is how I would get my Evora on 4 jack stands using the appropriate lift points.
  13. A132F6364S is no longer available as just the lever and ball. The whole gearshift assembly (E132F0004F) would have to be purchased now.
  14. Just a thought on the fuel door.....When I brought home my brand new '11 and went for my first tank of gas, I could not get the fuel door to latch and closed. I would push on it and it wound immediately pop back open. After trying to close it for ten minutes at the pump where a crowd had gathered to ask questions about the car, I pulled behind the gas station to try to sort it. Turns out if I pressed it close on the hinge side it locked shut every time. And, its worked like that every time I've fueled since. So, perhaps pushing closer to the hinge would work.
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