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  1. With Lotus doing the 0% finance on new built cars they should start moving some of their stock, great offer saving thousands in interest even if the list price is higher.
  2. Denno

    Lotus Emira I4

    To update on my recent experience, Lotus must be confident that they will sell all these cancelled order new cars. They eventually came back to me to confirm they wouldn’t honour my original price of approx £82k and it would be £85k+ if I still wanted my cancelled built car. Have told them no thanks. Will keep my eye on the used market and also have my eye on the 992 Gts, not sure why I’m so drawn to them as not exactly like for like comparison to the Emira.
  3. Denno

    Lotus Emira I4

    It depends if they will honour my price from when I cancelled in November. The car I spec’d is apparently landing at the dealer next week though. They had my deposit for the best part of 2.5yrs before I quit. Waiting to hear back.
  4. Denno

    Lotus Emira I4

    So just got back from i4 drive. Unfortunately the system to book isn’t very clear as I booked a slot for v6 and i4 but they only had the i4 to try! Weather wasn’t the best, mainly rained during my drive so i couldn’t give it the full beans and feed back on how quick it was which is a shame. It felt pretty urgent though in sport mode, it really hung onto the gears, I preferred it in a manual mode though using the paddles but gear box in auto felt responsive with quick downshifts. The suspension was touring and have to say more than firm enough for the road, not sure how much firmer sports would be. Handling was as I expected with really weighty steering feel, not sure how they’ve managed it but was sublime. The sound was better than I expected, quite a raspy metallic noise when giving it a bit of throttle, plus some nice turbo whoooshs! Did a stretch on the motorway and in the most comfort setting it pootled along nicely with minimum tyre noise, could easily go on a long cruise in it. Only negative in the cabin was a bit of a rattle coming from the dash towards the end of the drive. Overall I would say they have nailed it!
  5. Denno

    Lotus Emira I4

    I have managed to book back to back test drives for v6 and then i4 on Friday. Will report back on my preference.
  6. Denno

    Lotus Emira I4

    Had a call off my local dealer at the beginning of the week saying my i4 was due imminently, had to explain to him it was cancelled about 5 months ago !
  7. Why the lack of i4 reviews on YouTube ? There was a couple including Harry’s one some weeks ago but nothing since, was expected plenty after the first ones landed.
  8. Seems to be getting more more love in the US compared to UK
  9. Sounds like my Mrs, especially about the bit that she will not be going out in it !
  10. Watch the ones on Autotrader rise in price off the back of this new price announcement.
  11. Ha fair enough, but I believe most of them are on here too! 😁
  12. There seems to be talk the Facebook pages that some doubt they will even make the i4?!
  13. Porsche owners have been taking the piss for years flipping cars for much more than £20k so fair play if these people get anywhere near £100k for an Emira.
  14. For a 12th July deposit last year, should I have been chased for the second deposit by now? It’s gone awfully quiet.
  15. Denno

    Test Drives

    The dilemma I have of not being able to test drive an i4 until November is I have a test drive booked with a different marque in a couple of weeks but not keen to place an order until I test drive the Emira which I’ve had a deposit down on since 12th July. Unless I put a deposit down on the other car regardless and pull one of the deposits once I have tried the both and made a decision.
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