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  1. FJ20EYZ. Black Evora GT410 at the A511 Tesco roundabout Ashby-de-la-Zouch, 8.40am 15 May 2024. I followed it in my Leon FR daily down the Lount Road until it turned off for Melbourne as I headed towards Breedon On The Hill.
  2. Elise (with friend) at PJS Sports Cars for annual service, new gear shift cables and shifter.
  3. Latest install on an Elise (April 2024), with new Simply Sports Cars shift cables; my MY11 Elise R (1.8 2ZZ powered).
  4. A little homage to a motorsport TV programme title sequence for those who know. Best single lap time 43.43 seconds that day. Lots to learn and quicker times to get. Looking forward to getting the Dolomiti shifter fitted at the end of April because I think the fluffed change from 2nd to 3rd on the finish straight cost me half a second I reckon.
  5. Well, I wouldn't be surprised if Lotus made the 19/20 wheel option standard from 2012 onwards. Looking through my Evora brochure again I think it's for MY11 as the colour options include aquamarine blue and canyon red. The black Evora advertised is 2011 registered, so highly likely that cast 18/19 wheels would have be standard with 19/20s being optional on the Evora S, as per my photos above ^^^^. I still think the car below is a NA though. To reiterate the external features that differentiate a stock Evora S from factory for 2011 they would be: Black door mirrors Valved exhaust with "pig snout" finisher "S" rear diffuser that sticks out more and would have the parking sensors on the diffuser lip and not recessed Here's the NA I mentioned above with a S exhaust, so seeing is not believing until you see the blower in the engine bay!
  6. I'm not sure you can judge whether an Evora S1 is NA or supercharged by the wheels. Referring to an Evora brochure I have from around 2011/2012,the cast 18/19 wheels were standard and 19/20 were an option for the S, but that was ticked most of the time. Notwithstanding that, it is more likely that the IPS with the cast wheels we are talking about is a NA. The Evora S had black door mirrors, but unfortunately the car is black, so cannot tell from an external standpoint. The rear diffuser should be the give away. Don't rely on the exhaust though I saw an Evora NA last week fitted with an exhaust from a S.
  7. My first competitive sprint race meeting on Sunday 17th March 2024 at Curborough. Just practice with no points given.
  8. Well, someone's bought it because it's now saying that the green GT430 is now reserved.
  9. You need an 8mm long socket as the screw threads are too long for a normal socket. I found that out when I changed the O/S rear light bezel a couple of weekends ago on my Evora.
  10. Agreed. The HVAC knobs look to have been changed to those from the 400. The HVAC panel is definitely S1. From memory the 400 HVAC panel is not interchangeable with the S1 version . So a bit of a "bitsa" in that respect.
  11. I'm not reading anything into this YouTube video. There are too many variables here. For a start the YouTuber hasn't set or claimed a baseline, e.g. a specific engine that uses a specific grade of motor oil. I think this is an "apples & pears" comparison. I wouldn't have anything other that an OEM oil filter from a reputable source (not Amazon for a start!) on my Evora, or indeed my 2ZZ powered Elise.
  12. I just had a look on the Anglia Car Auctions website. I hope it goes to a good home.
  13. @Jovver fortunately, that organisation only has the one showroom. They used to have a second one not far away from me in Nottingham, but that seems to have closed down before the pandemic hit (the premises is now a branch of Enterprise Rent-A-Car). The Nottingham dealership's Facebook page is still live and there are some interesting comments left on there. Funnily enough, their Peterborough showroom does have a Facebook page. I think you've saved yourself a lot of heartache and agro walking away from that dealer.
  14. From what I recall of reading threads relating to exhausts and 2bular, I think Jim is more of a telephone contact kind of guy rather than an e-mail person, especially if he's up to his eyes in fabricating exhaust systems. If I order an exhaust from Jim any time in the future, I'll be sure to ring him.
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