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Community Answers

  1. When we needed one, we were told that industrial supply houses like McMaster-Carr or Grainger could supply them in the proper size. https://www.mcmaster.com/products/p-clips/?s=plastic+p-clips
  2. Does your HC have air conditioning? If not that reduces the possible causes. Do you have the Service Notes (shop manual)? That will help identify any control relays or switches. (IE, the Otter Switch on the aluminium J-pipe, RF of the engine bay)
  3. It might reduce the groaning to replace the 20-year-old power steering fluid. If you have an old turkey baster (or pump sprayer) just suck the old stuff out of the reservoir in the LH sail panel, then refill...then drive the car. 😍 At some point, turn the wheel fully left then fully right. Repeat until you have used 2 small bottles of PS fluid. You need to look up the specs for the Lotus PAS fluid, those two bottles should be enough to change more than 90% of the fluid.
  4. Vibration damage?... 😶‍🌫️🤥 You may want to check/re-crimp those sensor wires going to the ECU. IME Lotus' harnesses are famous for marginal connections at the crimps. +++++++++++ When you mention .2VAC, is that what you really need? I thought sensors provide a square-wave DC voltage pattern, and HIGH = ~5VDC, and LOW= less than 0.5 VDC.
  5. 1. I've seen Esprit slave pushrods wear down from use. Always good to apply a bit of grease to either end. 2. Also Good Practice to flush/bleed the hydraulic fluid periodically. I do ours every 2 - 3 years. 3. In the future, if you want the boot floor out of the way without disconnecting stuff, just unbolt it and hang it from the 'bullet' latches on the hatch. You need a hatch prop or GOOD gas support struts for this!
  6. I use WAZE in my iPhone for navigation. I have an extendable magnetic mount from Scosche that I put on the driver's side quarter window. You can also get them in a magsafe charging style. https://www.scosche.com/mp2wdlhd-mmp2xl-heavy-duty-magnetic-phone-mount If you have long arms you might be able to extend it enough to reach it, even on the Esprit windscreen.
  7. Keep monitoring the temp of the wheel centers, after a drive. That nearside F wheel could still be heating up more than the other, but not enough to tell from just from braking. 😮
  8. Don't ignore the possibility that the rubber brake hoses have failed. They can swell on the inside and prevent the calipers from releasing. Press the brakes a couple times, then spin the wheels. If you feel resistance, crack the brake bleeder for a second...if the wheel then turns, replace ALL the brake hoses.
  9. With carb'd cars (not just Lotus), it was usually necessary to pump the gas pedal once or twice to make the accelerator pump squirt some gas into the engine to help it fire off. The 'modification' is to YOU, LOL. PUMP a couple times, THEN crank the starter. Has nothing to do with the operation of the electronic ignition.
  10. If you LIKE the wheels you have fitted, keep them. Sport 350 wheels are lightweight magnesium, aren't they? 😍 Tires (tyres) are VERY difficult to find in the proper 15" sizes and speed ratings. If you ever sell the Esprit, the new buyer could use the 15' wheels, if they value them. Tell them they will need hub centering rings to properly center the wheels if that is the mod you did, as Sparky mentioned. (Some folks machine the hubs, others machine the wheel centers, so YMMV.)
  11. The Renault trans cars had the outboard rear brakes. So they are not staggered as much with offset as the North American '88s. (Different rear wheels, but width would be the same) Try a specification search here: https://www.wheel-size.com/
  12. Several V8 owners have experienced long warm cranking times due to marginal OEM injectors. Are the RC injectors relatively new? I'd need to research the favorite replacement V8 injector brand.
  13. The factory's quoted 'target' vacuum reading is 18hg. Is 20hg 'about' 10% more vacuum, or is it one of those logarithmic things?
  14. Second the suggestion to have a helper...saves fussing with the hoses etc. YES it is unwieldy, especially with charge cooler-equipped cars. Make room in your Swear Jar....😬
  15. Could you mean the Jim Clark Commemorative Edition built for 1991? 20 made. Listen to @Sparky
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