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Engine Rebuild Feedback


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So I decided to do my engine.  Looking for feedback; it's an 85 Carb Turbo Esprit (US).

I was leaning toward Nikasil, wanted everything balanced and port and polished.  Rebuild the carbs and fix the timing.

Any suggestions on other things.  I have seen some nice looking headers; looking for ideas.  I'll decide if I can afford it after I build out the plan.

My car has been in storage for 3 years.  Shocked that I got it started in about 15 mins yesterday.  She's alive but needs some TLC.  :)

Thanks in advance!  



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1980 Lotus Esprit S2

1985 Lotus Turbo Esprit

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How much money do you want to spend? The Nikasil liners (and matched pistons) were PRICEY, the last time I looked.


The Alunox headers are nice but be aware that buyers have required some 'fettling' since Euro and US cars use different configurations.  Don't know if Alunox has noted these differences yet.


One thing you are strongly encouraged to do is install the Renault-style input shaft bearing (requires some enlargement of the crankshaft bore at the rear)


Are you in contact with any members of LOON? (Lotus Owners Of the North, the nearby Lotus club) They could probably give you personal assistance.


Try not to run the engine if you have a black timing belt that is old. (The blue Nissan belts are MUCH more robust, but more difficult to properly tension.)

Atwell Haines

'88 Esprit

Succasunna, NJ USA

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Nikasil wont fit your engine (which I assume is LC spec) without precision machining to modify the block and not really sure they offer any benefit for a carb turbo.   I'd save the £££ and use that money elsewhere in the rebuild. 

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I'd suggest the OEM Goetze brand head gasket over generic, and if you ever expect more boost, some forged pistons. JAE has a shop that will bore your liners (or new ones) to fit the pistons they offer.

If your head needs skimmed be sure the machine shop keeps the head face parallel to the cam centerlines. 

Early head studs are thought to be weak, JAE sells an ARP replacement set

Be prepared for parts prices to be 200-400% of what the same part would cost for your Chevy/Toyota. For a motors worth of parts it may be worthwhile checking with the UK vendors to see how the Pound is holding up against the dollar.

A Gate T104RB belt is a stronger belt for your trapezoidal tooth cam pullies.

Use the proper anaerobic sealants where called for and use less rather than more.

The OEM manifold is a real pain to remove/install, & heavy.  Someone was having a US stainless exhaust manifold done that looked pretty good in prototype form, they were hoping to defray costs by making more. Might be worth a check.



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