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Voice command system

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It appears that the voice command system is not installed, I have no option for voice examples in system settings. 

So why are there driver profiles, kind of used to the car switching on and asking who I am, but I don’t get this.

strange but voice command works with car play , but the nice apple person doesn’t understand when I want to change the temp

Is it not normal for a short press of mic button for car controls etc and long press for CarPlay ?

I had forgiven the lack of blind spot collision and front and rear collision, but I must admit I miss it, once you are used to it, it’s an essential safety tool.

Oh and why no app to tell me when I forgot to lock it and where I parked it and how much fuel is in it, and I guess when they update the software I have to drive to a dealer, feels like going a bit back in time.

The subwoofer is poor playing mp3 low bitrate but fine using flac , playing via usb 1 or usb2, the Kef produced bits sound good.

So you might get the impression that I am not particularly impressed with the infotainment system, I didn’t expect cutting edge, nor did I expect a jump backwards.

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Even the infotainment and main manuals say "if available" and don't provide a full list of acceptable commands. Smacks of unfinished firmware to me?




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Apple Carplay and the lotus software are separate. Apple CarPlay won’t be able to do anything to the cars settings it’s just an app running on the operating system. 

The drivers profile is usually for pre saved settings for when more than 1 person drives the car. Ie you have your favourited radio stations and particular display settings for the virtual cockpit, where as driver 2 might have different preferences. I don’t know for certain with the Emira yet but in our golf the memory seat position is saved to a driver profile too and automatically changes when me or the Mrs chooses our profile as with the mirrors and steering wheel if it’s electric. 

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