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EECS Vapour canister S4. A910E6944F


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Hi all, I have owned this S4 for 24 years and only changed the vapour hose and one non return valve 910E6863F in the EECS.

For what reasons have owners changed the vapour canister?

 Is the purge control solenoid an integral part of the canister or is it available separately?

Does the charcoal bed fail to function properly over time?

 Is there currently available a replacement for the canister/solenoid and the black/white non return valve?Source and reference numbers if possible.Thanks for any help.


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The purge solenoid is part of the canister, replacement parts are not expensive.


I replaced mine due to a stalling on a hot day. Venting the fuel fillers allowed the car to start, so the logic was that the charcoal canister purge solenoid wasn't venting enough or at the proper times when the engine could handle the excess fuel vapor.

The replacement parts are 

ACDELCO 215-163 Vapor Canister




Vulcan Grey 89SE


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Mine is still the original.

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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Hi Travis, the canisters you have listed have returned “discontinued” or “unavailable “ after an extensive online search, do you have other cross references that you know work? I also failed to find a customer service contact for Rochester.

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These are the other crosses that i have found.

Last time I looked they were easy to buy...

CANISTER. Fuel Tank Evaporator/Purge Control
This Fits Your Chevrolet

Part Number: 17092109 
Supersession(s): 215-163; 215163; 17088038; 17090155; 17088061



Vulcan Grey 89SE


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I am attempting to solve the same problem - vapor leaks galore on my 95 S4, replacing the canister and everything else in the evap system.  I have not interest in deleting the evap setup (hasn't served me well to do this on any other car with such a system..)

It seems the factory canister and it's catalog-replacement part are all but extinct, I can find only used parts on eBay which I dont want to do.

JAE and many others, including the GM F Body community, seem to be suggesting a canister from a later model GM truck that is about the same physical size along with what is described as the same solenoid, but standalone, to be plumbed in.  

Has anyone else taken this same approach?  Are the parts I'm looking at the best choices?  Any other alternatives or someone with their hands on some NOS canisters?



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I have a used on I'm not gonna refit to my Esprit. No distinct fuel odor, so appeared to be in good working order.

I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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Yesterday, a 30yo canister of a Pontiac Trans Am arrived. Got it for small money on E***.

It looks a little dusty, but still seems dry inside (still swishling 😉 ).

So, now I have a spare one and can take the old one apart and try the reconditioning!




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